Las Vegas animal rescue group trying to save the life of a terribly injured ‘bait dog’

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In Las Vegas, the Vegas Pet Rescue Project is trying to save the life of a severely injured dog suspected of having been a “bait dog.” To anyone unfamiliar with the term, bait dogs are used by dog fighters to train their dogs to mutilate other dogs without being harmed in the training process. The bait dogs – normally nonaggressive, friendly and smaller make the game dogs more aggressive.

The young albino pit dog mix was discovered near the Las Vegas Strip in an industrial area where he had been abandoned and left to die. He was discovered in an old car seat bloodied and terribly injured.

Rescuers rushed the dog, dubbed Hercules to Warm Hearts Pet Hospital where veterinarians stated the deaf dog was left starving and apparently tortured and abused. Hercules’ face was swollen to double its size making it impossible to open his eyes. In addition, his ears had been ripped apart, he was ravaged with infection, and he was dehydrated. Radiographs discovered a screw in his stomach.

Hercules is making progress although his prognosis is still unknown. The rescue group posted the following update on the dog’s condition on Tuesday afternoon:

“His swelling is already going down a bit. Bloodwork shows he’s anemic which is expected because he was starving. X-rays shows he has a screw inside his stomach. We are praying it passes today and he poops out. Some metals can be toxic. I knew we’d find something foreign because he was starving and probably ate whatever he could to survive. If we have to go inside to remove it’s always risky. Keep praying for our boy and that he passes this today.”

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