Emaciated dog, freed from chain, fights for new life

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An emaciated dog, who suffered on the end of a chain that allowed him no access to food, is finally free and receiving his second chance. Beauties and Beasts, in Wichita, Kansas, shared the dog’s sad story with Facebook followers on Tuesday.

The rescue group writes:

What do you say when there are no words….
To comprehend the sorrow the pain, the trauma, the brokenness, and the defeat that Chevelle lived through is unimaginable and indescribable….and he is still fighting for his life. Left chained and mangled without the physical ability to retain resources needed to simply survive.
Starving and in pain he sat dying on the end of a chain next to a pot of rice that he was incapable of eating. The sheer torture he experienced was truly a living nightmare.

After Chevelle was removed from the chain and taken to a veterinarian, the depth of his suffering became apparent. The rescue agency said:

Upon arrival to Urgent care it was discovered that Chevelle is missing half of his tongue that is swollen full of infection and a large wound on his chest that had become necrotic. The smell of infection and decaying flesh is what you would expect from a dead animal. How he is still alive is a mystery to us all unfortunately his prognosis is very guarded as sepsis could set in and steal his innocent life.

Chevelle’s rescuers have vowed to keep him safe, and do all that they can to ensure that he is able to enjoy his life of freedom.

We will make sure that your story of severe suffering is heard and you will never be forgotten again. We promise to do whatever it takes to turn your story into triumph instead of sorrow. Keep fighting Chevelle with every you got there is an amazing life ahead of you…You’re a beauty now and beauties don’t give up.
We see you. We hear you. We love you.

On Wednesday, Chevelle’s rescuers updated Facebook followers, writing:

We received update from the Kstate team that this amazing little fighter is eating like a champ and has already stolen many hearts. Today he will be sedated to thoroughly examine the wounds to determine the best plan of action. Our hearts once again broke as we discussed the severity of the wounds on his chest cavity that is surrounded by bruising caused from whatever injury he sustained to resulting in necrosis to the skin. The mystery still remains what traumatic experience this innocent boy has endured that caused such severe damage to his tongue and chest, dying at the end of a chain with no way to survive.

Follow Chevelle’s progress at this link to his rescuer’s Facebook page.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Because of your poor protection over animals in this despicable, demon spawned state of Kansas, I hope THIS ABUSER FINDS YOUR CHILDREN and DOES THE SAME THING to YOU and them. Maybe, JUST MAYBE you’ll QUIT ignoring this crap and do WHAT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO.


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