Puppy abandoned in baseball field with 2 fractured legs undergoes successful surgery

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Hazel was found in a baseball field in the outskirts of Houston by Animal Control. Both of her front legs had been fractured; one had bone exposure, and when discovered the pup was unable to bear any weight on either of her legs. She tried her best, but mostly she would whimper and yelp out in pain and had been unable to even move.

ThisIsHouston stepped up to help, and once she was examined by a veterinarian and her legs put in splints, Hazel was able to move around. Of course, she had been on heavy medication to make her movement possible. Still, the young dog remained happy and gracious as her rescuers cared for her and planned for the surgery necessary to repair the damage done to her legs.

On Wednesday, Hazel underwent surgery at Blue Pearl. The operation took longer than expected as there was extensive scar tissue and the worst leg – her right one, had adapted to being out of place. A lot of effort went into the proper alignment, and the surgeon was pleased with the results. The fractures affected the growth plates which left little room for the surgeon to put plates in; and instead there are now pins in both legs along with splints while Hazel heals.

One can only imagine how much pain this poor dog had endured, for how long and how she must have suffered just trying to move around.

Hazel is now resting comfortably with the help of pain medication, and although she is not interested in food at this time, her vital signs are all normal. In addition, she has been fully cooperative and sweet and is doing well with the changes of her bandages.

She will stay at least another day but she will still need lots of follow ups, bandage/splint changes and lots of care afterwards. Anything towards her care helps.

She also has an Amazon wish list, and all items will go straight to her foster family: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/ANQ2SWP5BMW3…

To donate to Hazel’s care: Paypal.me/ThisIsHoustonTX

Venmo @ThisIsHouston

Cash App $ThisIsHoustonthis-is-houston.org/ways-to-help/donate/

Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

Check out Hazel’s photos; they all speak for themselves. Get well soon Hazel.

Updates to follow.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Must have been a dog owned by their governor, Greg Abbot. ONE leg was broken and she was left for so long it adapted to the break. Ah, but that’s not enough suffering, so the SADISTIC FREAK broke the OTHER leg and left her to DIE a LONG, SLOW, EXCRUCIATING DEATH. Yep, that’s Abbot’s M.O. alright. Texans are a DISEASE. These idiots who claim to be devout Christians must be either remedial, blind or illiterate, because EVERYTHING I’ve read regarding how these SATAN spawned demons treat living beings is a MASSIVE affront to God and a deafening blow to Jesus. God will give ALL oversight of these THUGS to those who are MOST TROUBLED by their SADISTIC treatment. That is, animal LOVERS/rescuers and organizations who’ve had the unmitigated access to the most heinous crimes against JESUS’ animals.


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