Kindhearted man adopts neighbor’s dog after animal control picked him up and the story went viral on Tik Tok

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In a heartwarming Tik Tok video, that no doubt went viral because of a man’s kindness towards a dog in need; more than eight million views couldn’t resist those teary lonely eyes of a pooch in a crowded animal shelter.

Derek Schmit’s dog Dexter had been pals with his neighbor’s dog when Schmit found out that the dog’s owner surrendered the dog after being picked up by animal control. It seems the neighbor no longer cared about Dexter and didn’t want the responsibility of caring for him anymore.

And so Schmit decided to help the once stray pooch and went to the shelter full of caged and barking dogs to find the dog named Doakes.

When I finally found the shelter that my neighbors abandoned their dog to. You’re coming home with me. 3 shelters and 4 phone calls later. I found the neighborhood dog and adopted him. We gave him the life he deserves.

Schmit on Tik Tok posting as @sunnyvaletrailerpark



3 shelters and 4 phone calls later. I found the neighborhood dog and adopted him, We gave him the life he deserves #dexterdoakes

♬ original sound – Chris Klemens

The video shows Doakes looking up at Schmit from behind his cage – the dog’s eyes telling his heartbreaking story.

There are more heartwarming videos on Schmit’s Tik Tok account including the two dogs playing together. Doakes really deserved his new life. Once upon a time he had been a stray and would wait to see Dexter so they could play together. One day he didn’t show up to play with Dexter because he had been picked up by Animal Control. His owner at the time had no desire to pay the small fee to get his dog back.

We all see it as the best thing that ever could happen to Doakes because now he has the greatest life ever, and for sure he is loved. Don’t you just love these wonderful people who go the extra mile for a pooch in need?

Check out more videos of Doakes and Dexter here.

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