Adorable pup with rare condition that makes him look as if he is always smiling searching for a home

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Jasper is a chihuahua mix and is currently residing at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California. No doubt Jasper is one adorable pooch who appears to be smiling, however he has a rare condition that causes his facial muscles to constantly be pulled back.

Accompanying this unknown condition as yet, Jasper constantly twitches, and in addition to that, he also suffers from kidney problems. On Tuesday, the shelter shared a video of Jasper hoping to help him find a home and to raise funds for his anticipated expensive veterinary care.

“He looks happy on the outside, but that’s not how he feels. Jasper’s condition causes his facial muscles to pull back and twitch constantly, and he has kidney problems. We are intent on trying to give him a happy life, but the tests and treatment will be very expensive. That’s why we’re raising funds for sweet Jasper and the many other animals in need of care.”

Front Street Animal Shelter FB

And in spite of his health issues, Jasper does love to play, gets along with other animals and loves everyone he meets.

“I think everyone that sees him just instantly smiles. It’s kind of the first thing you notice when you see him is he has a big old smile on his face.”

Haley Waugh, Front Street Animal Shelter’s public info coordinator as told to CBS News

To help, go to…/give-life-and-happiness-to…. He’ll also need a home once he’s feeling better, so check out the video to learn how to adopt him when that day comes! His future medical bills could be as high as $4,000, but Jasper is going to get the best care and everything will be done to give him as much time here as possible.

Of course, there has been an outpouring of love, and the most adorable comments have been posted on Facebook by readers seeing this little guy’s photos. We all love him too.

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