Husky’s owner claims his dog was injured and traumatized by Rover sitter

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The owner of a red husky had left his dog, Grover with a Rover sitter, and when Grover returned home just a few days later he had burns and puncture wounds and didn’t seem like himself at all.

In a recent TikTok series of posts and videos, owner Stewart described the unsettling experience. In the first video posted by @redgroverredgrover,  the red husky can be seen lying on a bed with what appears to be large burn marks on his face. The dog seemed listless and was not interested in food or water – often the telltale signs of a pet’s distress.

The TikTok’s caption:

“TW- ANIMAL ABUSE. TikTok do your thing. My dog stayed with a Rover sitter over the weekend and this is the state I picked him [up] in.”

According to the Rover sitter, Grover had separation anxiety and when the sitter left for a workout in the morning and returned, the dog had rubbed part of his nose raw on the door and scratched his face. At the time, Stewart assumed his dog had sustained a small scratch and tried not to worry.

And when Stewart picked Grover up, the dog’s injuries were far worse than he could have imagined. Grover also sustained puncture wounds on his face and what appeared to be a huge burn on his head. Within the 72 hours Grover had been in the care of the Rover dog sitter, the owner claims his dog lost four pounds, and now his personality has changed as if he underwent trauma.

The Rover sitter, however denied that Grover had puncture wounds and sent the owner a photo of the scratched doorway with remains of blood on it where the dog had rubbed himself raw.

“I went to cycling this am and when I came back I walked into him having a blanket ripped up and his nose was rubbed raw and part of the front door frame scratched up. From what I can tell I think he heard the dog we got this am in the other room and was trying to get to him considering normally when I leave him in the house for a bit he just hangs on the couch and chills out,” the sitter wrote. 

TikTok video conversation

More online research found other complaints about this same dog sitter whose other reviews stated he cared more about working out than caring for pets. Other dogs were also allegedly returned to their owners with injuries.

In a follow-up, Stewart contacted Rover and was given a refund, profusely apologized as well as covering Grover’s veterinary expenses. That particular pet sitter has subsequently been removed from the platform.

The good news is that Grover is slowly healing and coming around to his old, playful self, but the owner wanted to share his experience to warn other dog owners to make sure they carefully verify the qualifications and reviews of anyone taking care of their pets.

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2 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I think Rover needs to investigate the people they are allowing to pet sit. This isn’t the first time I have heard of a bad experience from a “Rover” pet sitter.

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    That DEMON spawned VILE THUG is a SERIAL animal abuser. I bet $100 that maggot abused this dog the ENTIRE weekend, while STARVING him. Someone ought to return the favor to this CREEP and do the SAME to him, but 1,000 fold worse.


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