Woman accused of clamping puppy’s mouth shut with hair tie

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In Murray, Utah, a woman was arrested this week for animal cruelty after she being accused of clamping a puppy’s mouth shut with a hair tie. Alexis Callen, 19, faces charges for the torture of a companion animal and was booked in the Salt Lake County Jail.

According to the Celestial Zoo Pet Rescue, the damage to the mouth of the three-month-old black Labrador and German shepherd mix puppy is so severe, she will require surgery.

“Shadow has her surgery scheduled! She will have her surgery at Blue Pearl where they will repair the damage to her muzzle. It is estimated a 2 week recovery time where she will need to have only soft foods and no chew toys, which is going to be so hard for a puppy! Her surgery is estimated between $1700-1900, depending on how much they have to do when they get in there.”

Callen had taken the puppy to Cottonwood Animal Hospital for the dog’s disfigured nose and mouth surrounded by a deep scar encircling her face. A veterinarian contacted police describing the puppy’s wounds as likely coming from an elastic or rope tied around are muzzle so tightly, the dog’s skin separated.

Fox News reports Callen admitted to police she placed the elastic hair tie on the puppy for 48 hours hoping to keep her from “excessive whining.”

Donations can be called in under Shadow with Celestial Zoo at 801-871-0600 or to paypal at celestialzooutah@gmail.com.

Get well soon Shadow.

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