Mother whale died trying to free her baby from a net

whale and calf found dead in net
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A fishing net has claimed two lives in Italy. According to multiple sources, a mother sperm whale was apparently trying to free her calf from the net, but they both perished.

According to Sky News, the Italian coast guard made the grim discovery in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The environment group, Marevivo, stated on Facebook:

The death of two giants of the sea is already in itself a loss for our heritage heritage, but knowing that these cetaceans are dead because of man makes the happening even more serious. We must not change only our behaviors, but our system of values to understand and really feel that the evil we do to the environment we do to ourselves.

A portion of the net was found in the nearly 20-foot long whale’s mouth…the calf was covered entirely.

(Image via Marevivo)

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  1. More innocent defenseless victims! Rest In Peace, angel mom and baby. Humans failed you on earth, but no one will in heaven!


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