Heartbreaking – baby whale had to be euthanized after tail severed by boat

Baby whale injured by boat
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A baby short fin pilot whale had to be humanely euthanized after its tail was severed by a boat. The heartbreaking situation was discovered off the coast of the Canary Islands, reports the Metro U.K.

Photographer Francis Perez documented the baby whale’s final moments in late March. On Instagram, the photographer recounted the devastating discovery:

27th March, was one of the saddest days I have lived in the ocean, photographic and filming a juvenile of a short fin pilot whale with sectioned caudal fin and its subsequent Euthanasia. I was hoping that the cuts were caused by sharks bites, but no, they were caused by an irrational animal, human.

He added:

according to the necropsy, by a sharp object, as a propeller of a small boat.

According to the news agency, the grievously injured whale was pulled aboard a boat, but the damage was too significant for the baby to be saved. Instead, sedation was provided until the baby died.

Recently, a similarly tragic incident happened in the Puget Sound when a young humpback whale breached in front of a Washington state ferry. The whale was so close to the commuter ferry that it was impossible to maneuver the vessel away and the whale was hit. Passengers reported seeing “a lot of blood” from the whale…the body has never been found, but the whale is presumed dead.

Find Francis Perez on Instagram here.

(Image of baby whale via screenshot Metro U.K./Photographer Francis Perez)

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  1. Another example of brainless heartless humans SPEEDING THEIR WAY TO HELL! Rest In Peace, dearest little one! Many of your friends are with you in heaven!


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