Horribly neglected dog Ziggy

Horribly neglected dog Ziggy – did he ever know love?

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Meet Ziggy, a horribly neglected dog who was recently taken in at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts. Ziggy’s body paints a picture of ongoing, long-term neglect…it makes one wonder, did he ever know love?

Northeast Animal Shelter details the maladies Ziggy is afflicted with:

matted fur and a severe infection where his leg had been mutilated at the knee. Our expert medical team is attending to his immediate needs, including a full leg amputation, dental extractions and grooming,

Fortunately, Ziggy’s life of neglect has been left behind. With the help of strangers donating to the animal shelter, he is receiving the veterinary care that he has been denied for far too long. And, according to WHDH News, Ziggy has been recuperating in a foster home and that family intends to adopt him!

Find Ziggy’s fundraiser here.

(Image via Instagram)

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