Senior dog surrendered to overcrowded shelter in wheelbarrow

For 12 years, Blacky lived with his family, but just a day before Christmas he was dumped at an overcrowded Houston shelter.  His family pushed him in using a wheelbarrow.  And this is what happened to Blacky – he spent the holiday scared and confused.

Did his family just want a new puppy? Doesn’t this kind old soul deserve better?

Blacky is in desperate need of a hero. Animal advocates have been sharing this boy’s heartbreaking plight, but no one has come forward to help. Reach out to approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing does save lives.

“Blacky was one of the many seniors dumped on Christmas time by so call ‘owners’ who decided get rid of the ‘old’ and spend the holidays fresh and maybe with a new puppy. Blacky is a senior of 12 yrs old, spent the Christmas in a kennel without the companion he thought will be until the end by his side… but we are not giving up on him, he cannot die in this shelter, he weighs 65 lbs and tested heartworm positive that we know is easy to prevent but is treatable, so he needs his treatment. Blacky has nobody familiar anymore, his sad eyes says all, we want to save him, can you help sharing?”

PetHarbor adoption listing.

BLACKY – ID#A547724 .My name is BLACKY. I am male. I look like a black Labrador Retriever. The shelter staff think I am about 12 years old. I have been at the shelter since Dec 23, 2019.

Check out his video: (Copy and paste url into your browser)

For additional information about Blackie, contact:

Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at (281) 999-3191
Ask for information about animal ID number A547724

Follow networking, foster and adoption efforts here.

(Please note Pet Rescue Report is not the contact.)

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