Seals forced to perform in black, feces filled water at China mall

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Two seals were forced to perform in black, feces filled water at a mall in eastern China as part of a New Year’s celebration. The spotted seals were brought to the Yongsheng Plaza in the city of Jinhua, causing outrage on social media after a woman posted the photos of the animals lying in the black, polluted water.

According to the Daily Mail, complaints were immediately filed, however there were no citations issued because spotted seals are not considered a protected species in China. Multiple short videos had been posted on China’s social media, Weibo; one seal was shown lying in black water with trash and pieces of foam floating on the water beside him.

A woman shopper, identified as ‘Winnie the Pooh vivi’ posted the disturbing photos with the following distressing details of the apparent cruelty:

“…There were bite marks around [the enclosure]. Obviously, they came from the little seal. It must have wanted to escape from that place, but didn’t know how, so all it could do was to bite. [I] don’t know how much the seals had suffered on their way here.

It’s 2019 already, why would anyone still enjoy performances like this?”

The Jinhua Fishery Administration stated only performances involving protected animals needed to be approved. Management at the mall claimed the enclosure had been filled with clean water at the start of the performance three days prior, but the seals polluted the water with their own feces.

Since when are seals responsible for keeping their pools clean? Shouldn’t all animals be treated with kindness and respect. Shame on you China shopping mall.

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3 replies
  1. Jeanette Fossum says:

    it still makes me sad that people, especially any government can be so cruel, either to people or animals.
    release the little seals into the ocean. to hell with you and your shopping mall.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    The Chinese notoriously don’t take care of the animals in their country. They are used strictly for the betterment of the people and they don’t care what abuse they go through! The people need to be treated the same way so they can see how it feels!


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