Chesney – Day 17, it really is about the little things

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Today marks day 17 that our eight-year-old German shepherd, Chesney, lost the use of her rear legs. Though very little has changed with regards to the use of her legs, I am learning to appreciate the little things.

I am getting stronger…and she is getting lighter (the sad result of quickly diminishing muscle mass in her rear legs and her back), which means that getting in and out of the house is much easier. I no longer fear being home alone because I am able to do it myself now – without too much hassle. Her harness (Help Em Up Harness) which was loaned to us by an incredibly wonderful lady, makes maneuvering her around our house, and outside, so much easier. It is truly a blessing.

This morning I was gifted hope – yesterday she underwent a more “aggressive” acupuncture and this morning she seemed to show some sign of improvement. When I was putting booties on her rear feet (they get injured when she drags them) she didn’t like it and repeatedly pulled her foot away – huge accomplishment! Then, we went outside and she quite purposefully pooped – again, it may seem little, but it’s HUGE.

Life is about the little things right now – we are going through the motions and trying to figure things out. We are all still holding onto hope that perhaps she’ll regain some use of her legs…some day. If she could get to the point of putting any weight on them at all, we would all be thrilled.

Many thanks to everyone who has reached out with suggestions and words of hope – you are all appreciated.

For those who have asked what Chesney is receiving for supplements and “treatment,” right now she is receiving N’zymes granules, goat milk (she doesn’t like water very much but she enjoys the goat milk for some reason), Megga Dog Camelina Oil, Hemp My Pet CBD Oil, Golden paste, bone broth, and DGP. She is eating a homemade dog food which consists of chicken, sweet potato, fresh spinach, carrots, and apple. She regularly gets acupuncture and cold laser treatment. Though she isn’t using her legs like we wish she would, she does look amazingly healthy – her coat barely sheds, her eyes are bright and she seems to feel good.

For those who are interested – here are a couple of her spine x-rays:


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  1. Chesney is FAMILY After all !!! never give up hope…In this area they is actually three excellent Specialized Vets in three surrounding states now that do surgical procedures with a lot of success and Colorado ( Fort Collins) school of Veterinary Practice will take in clients like Chesney at special rates or I have heard but haven’t verified no cost for their advanced students to learn under the supervision of a qualified surgeon how to repair spinal damage… You live in a large populated area there may be Schools to assist you … you are doing a wonderful joB!!!!

  2. Very glad to see improvements for you & Chesney ??
    I think I may have missed the discussion about surgery. Is surgery still a possibility?

  3. It sounds like you’re doing everything possible that can help. You are going above and beyond what many would do to keep their dog with them. Your love for her is inspirational. I will pray for her recovery.


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