Thailand cruelty: Dogs left tied up by order of military officer now safe

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In Thailand, two dogs left tied up by their legs and mouths and left to suffer in the sun by the order of a senior military officer are now safe. The dogs were abandoned in Lop Buri on New Year’s Eve after the officer became angry because the stray dogs had chased him while he was on his morning bike ride.

According to Watchdog Thailand, the unnamed officer ordered the dogs be tied and left in the hot sun for the next seven hours as punishment. The dogs had been taken miles from the base. The organization called the disturbing situation, “the most dismal animal abuse committed by the head soldier of a Military Base in Lop Buri” on New Year’s Day. A soldier who had been very upset about the officer’s orders, posted the photos and the circumstances on social media.

Animal activists began a search for the two dogs. One dog, Thong Lai, was located last week. The other dog, Dam Noi, was found on Sunday.

The dogs are now under the care of veterinarians.

“By after the process of investigation and collecting evidence and deposition according to the list of,, the, is delivered.
If there is a real misconduct, there will be a penalty, according to the discipline of military discipline.
And send the perpetrator to the police officer to prosecute the law.

No one is above the law.
Who did wrong, must be punished… because animal cruelty is a criminal.
As we used to promise the people!,” the translated post explained.

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7 replies
  1. Sue says:

    This is nothing short of demonic! SICK lowlife, that soldier, and all the rest who were involved.

    But this is what I encountered in the paramilitary. They’re taught to follow instructions, not think for themselves, and certainly not to act on any dissenting thought. In fact, if one DOES act compassionately, and it goes directly against orders, the humane individual is considered the guilty party, not the jerk who gave the order.

    • Robert Mendenhall says:

      Very inhumane animal cruelty should not be at all overlooked they definitely need to be sentence for their crime.

  2. Adrienne Crognale says:

    There are those over there who do care about these animals and hopefully more of these crimes will become known and people punished for what they’ve done. More and more Asians are becoming active in protecting the lives of these animals.

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Many many prayers that they will make a full recovery! That sick evil officer has already earned his “special place” in HELL where it will be his turn to BURN!

  4. Laura says:

    Sickos who hate animals love saying that animal activists anthropomorphize animals, that we think they’re just furry humans. Well, nothing could be more incorrect. We respect animals because they are NOT human and have none of our willful stupidity and evil, as demonstrated by the dirty cowards who did this awful thing to those poor dogs. The OFFICER is the one treating animals as if they’re human, as in punishing them for their “crime” against him. That “man” and whoever carried out his orders are not fit to live among human civilization. But then neither is anyone who abuses animals, legally or illegally. But people gladly tolerate (yet deny) all the legal stuff. That’s what’s so wrong with human “civilization.”


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