Pet cat missing for 3 days returns with note about its ‘debt’

A chubby, gray tabby who lives in Thailand, went missing for three days, and his owner became very worried about his pet’s welfare. Finally, the independent feline returned home, but yes, there’s a hitch here … Read More

Stray dogs guarded elderly woman lying in the mud in Thailand

Along the banks of a river in Thailand, two dogs were spotted standing a few feet apart appearing to be guarding something. Ake Srisuwan posted the poignant photos on his Facebook page; the pictures quickly … Read More

Dog owner woke to green dyed dogs after getting into food coloring

A dog owner, Yada Ornsomjit woke up to two green dogs after the mischievous canines broke into a bag of green food covering. Yada, who lives in northern Thailand documented the hilarious circumstances earlier this … Read More

Marathon athlete ran 19 miles carrying puppy she found along route

A marathon athlete in Ratchaburi, Thailand carried a stray puppy she found along the route for 19 miles across the finish line. Khemjira Klongsanum, 43, had noticed the other runners averting the puppy seven miles … Read More

Thailand baby elephant died after tethered by hunter and abandoned

In eastern Thailand, a one-month-old baby elephant died  on Friday after suffering a serious injury when a hunter tethered her by her leg and abandoned her in a forest. The infant was discovered by villagers … Read More

Thailand cruelty: Dogs left tied up by order of military officer now safe

In Thailand, two dogs left tied up by their legs and mouths and left to suffer in the sun by the order of a senior military officer are now safe. The dogs were abandoned in … Read More

Emaciated elephant forced to perform circus tricks in Thai arena

A severely emaciated elephant was forced to perform circus tricks to an almost empty arena at a crocodile farm in Samut Prakan, Thailand on Friday. The female, Asian elephant performed to just a handful of … Read More

Elephants forced to perform underwater tricks at Thailand Zoo

Exhausted elephants continue to be forced to perform underwater tricks at a zoo in Thailand. The disturbing footage has gone viral sparking outrage among animal advocates throughout the world.

According to the Daily Mail, … Read More

Zoo tiger being poked with hot stick sparks fury

An attendant in Bangkok, at a Thailand zoo videoed poking a tiger with a hot stick for tourists to pose or sit on top of the animal, has sparked fury around the world. The video, … Read More