Dog owner woke to green dyed dogs after getting into food coloring

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A dog owner, Yada Ornsomjit woke up to two green dogs after the mischievous canines broke into a bag of green food covering. Yada, who lives in northern Thailand documented the hilarious circumstances earlier this month when her two French bulldogs – Dam-nam and Sai-Aua pulled off a not so sneaky kitchen cupboard raid.

According to Time, the dogs had ripped open a bag of green food coloring after raiding the kitchen the night before ending with the dogs ending up bright green. As if the two leading canine culprits wasn’t enough mischief, the other two French bulldogs joined in and all four tracked the green coloring all over the house.

“I forgot to shut the kitchen door the night before. But I couldn’t believe they went inside and made everything green. My husband and I spent half a day washing them about three times but some parts of their bodies were still green,” the owners stated.

And here they are – the French bulldogs “Incredible Hulks.”

Check out the video by copying and pasting the link below:

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Glad that these furbabies are ok!!!

    One of my chihuahuas fancied himself an “art critic”. He lifted his leg onto a verdigris finished copper mirror frame, peed and rolled around in the mess (dying his hair turquoise).
    This was ~20 years ago. I took him to our vet for a proper cleaning session!!!!! I can laugh now (that I know he survived the mess), but at the time…….

    Must watch ALL babies (fur & human) to keep them safe!!!


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