Horrible conditions: City of Orange Cove cuts funding to shelter stray dogs

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In Orange Cove, California, the city has had a contract with the Friends of Orange Cove Animal Shelter to care for stray dogs since 2014, but has now abruptly ended the agreement. And now the problem exists – who is going to care for the dogs?

According to Fox News, Jolie Wiggins, former director and volunteer, pointed out one example of a dog that has been sheltered, but no one has helped him.

“He’s in a five-by-five kennel. He had no water yesterday. He’s sitting in his own feces – there’s two days’ worth of feces behind the kennel. He’s howling his head off. This dog has a collar – there might be an owner out there. Are they able to network it and try to find his owners?”

If the dog isn’t claimed within a few days, he will more than likely be euthanized.

The Friends of Orange Cove Animal Shelter have worked with the City of Orange Cove and cared for stray or lost dogs and helped them find new homes. The city has paid the non-profit $2,500 a month. The letter of termination stated they would no longer receive any money to assist the animal shelter. The city does not have an animal control officer. The Superintendent, David Lopez said the non-profit did not fulfill their side of the contract, which became a liability to the city, stating the monthly reports were not coming in, “in a timely manner and they terminated their workers’ comp.”

The building, which is owned by the city, is in a terrible state of disrepair.  Walls are coming apart, the place is full of holes where mice have eaten through, and the place is infested with flies and other bugs while parts of the ground have caved in. The shelter cages are owned by the FOCAS; there is space for 50 dogs. Only 13 dogs are still in the kennel when the contract was cancelled.

“We save 99% of the dogs, and that means really, really working hard to get them out,” said Wiggins.

That $2,500 pays for a part-time worker to look over the kennels, and buys dog food, but the current director, Adriana Figueroa, says it doesn’t stretch much further than that.

We’ve actually been carrying the load for the city. When a dog is injured, we take them to the vet, even though the contract states they have to take them to the vet. We’ve been caring for them for the first four days, we vaccinate them. We’ve done everything that was expected of us, and more.”

All workers are volunteers. Spay, neuter and vet fees are covered by donations from the public.

On Wednesday morning, the volunteers posted a disturbing photo and story of a dog and how “little” the city cares about the animals. No longer will there be any volunteers to advocate for the shelter dogs or their daily care, based on the way they are currently caring for the husky who had been picked up on Tuesday.

On August 12, a dog, badly injured in a fire was picked up by the City. He had suffered severe burns, but was still alive.

“Our kennel attendant discovered his body in the AC vehicle on 8/14 – two days later. He was never taken to a vet to be humanely euthanized. He suffered a horrible death. FOCAS did contact Orange Cove PD to file a report. PD mentioned he’d speak to City. FOCAS also requested an immediate meeting with City Manager Rudy Hernandez…

The discussion, which included board members, just “promised” this would never happen again. There was no investigation; no animal cruelty charges were ever pressed against the person responsible for leaving a suffering dog alone for two days.

“One can only imagine how horrifying the future stray dogs fate will be when City has removed FOCAS completely from witnessing such criminal injustice.”

Video of “how the city is bending over backwards for the volunteers”

Just going to put this up since “city claims to bend over backwards for us” these are the conditions FOCAS works under for the love of the dogs. Contract states City will provide maintenance of the the building. Yet FOCAS has asked time and time again to send City inspector out. Must be a very busy man, we have yet to see him here. ( pic in comments)

Posted by Friends of Orange Cove Animal Shelter on Monday, November 4, 2019

“…photo of the burned dog, and/or the husky kept in the crappy kennel; this is NOT the volunteer group who has done this. It was the city employees… The issue is not FOCAS. It’s the city of orange cove. City Hall (City manager is Rudy Hernandez) 559-626-4488.

If you would like to express your concern about the future of homeless animals in Orange Cove, please use the following emails:

City Council Members:

Diana Guerra Silva diana.guerra.silva@cityoforangecove.com

Josie Cervantes

Roy Rodriguez

City Manager:
Rudy Hernandez

City Hall: 559-626-4488

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  1. Pennys dachshunds says:

    SAD that NO ONE EVEN CARES !!! California and Texas are STATES That HAVE NO ETHIC’s OR AN OUNCE OF COMPASSION!!!


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