Frightened Great Dane abandoned in parking lot of animal shelter

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Meet Marsh; his family obviously didn’t even care enough to walk into the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles and surrender their three-year-old blue merle Great Dane. Instead they left him tied in the parking lot.

Sadly, Marsh has been very traumatized. Even as volunteers and staff tried to coax him out of his kennel cage, Marsh was too frightened to move.

PetHarbor adoption listing

My name is Marsh and I am an unaltered male, blue merle Great Dane. The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 13, 2019. For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles Animal Services – North Central Shelter at (888) 452-7381.
Ask for information about animal ID number A1903616
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Check out his video:

“Available 10/17. Big baby is just freaked out. Doesn’t trust outside of kennel. Allows touching. But does not want to leave kennel. Another form of being terrified. Here Dalan works with him @shortpoemsaboutdogs.”

All North Central pets are spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on all vaccinations. Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

For more information, contact the North Central Shelter.

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