Man sentenced to over a decade behind bars for cruelty case

Man involved in horrible animal cruelty case sentenced to over a decade in prison

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Finally – an animal cruelty sentence with some teeth. A Maryland man has been sentenced to over a decade behind bars for his part in a horrible cruelty case which claimed the life of 11 dogs. As reported by WMAR News, a judge has sentenced 49-year-old John James Roberts to 11 years and 11 days behind bars.

Roberts, and his girlfriend Laura Filler, were charged earlier this year after the authorities found the remains of 11 dogs at their residence on Black Rock Road in Hampstead. An additional 27 dogs, still alive, were suffering in squalid conditions. After the initial raid on the property, officials found an addition 16 dead dogs in bags in a shed. The deceased dogs died from dehydration and starvation and there was disturbing evidence which revealed that the couple was purposefully providing food to some of the dogs while allowing the others to starve to death.

The strong sentence, said to be one of the biggest cruelty sentences in the state, is good news to animal welfare advocates. Karen Baker, the executive director of the Humane Society of Carroll County, tells the news agency, “We’re very pleased with the sentence and we’re very thankful to our state’s attorney, my officers that were on scene, our animal care staff that cared for these dogs.”

Filler has pleaded guilty to her charges and remains behind bars at the Carroll County Detention Center; she will be sentenced in January.

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