Update on Flash: Dog who knew no one wanted him

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Just days ago, the heartbreaking photo of Flash quickly went viral. Could it have been any sadder than to know this one-and-a-half-year-old male Siberian husky mix realized his family had abandoned him? Was it because no one spent the time to train him? Was it because his previous owner thought bringing an adorable puppy into the home would never chew a slipper, never bark out of turn or magically be house-trained?

Whatever the reason, Flash was the one suffering the consequences. On October 12, he was surrendered to the Lancaster Animal Care Center in California.

“This is Flash, now named Little Moon. He was listed as a wolf dog at the Lancaster Animal Shelter in California. He was also listed as rescue only and that he was not adoptable to the public because he was aggressive. We got involved because no one could get him out,” wrote the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary on their social media page after rescuing the young dog on Wednesday.

Danna Cruzan,  the manager at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, along with the help of rescue supporters and volunteers, drove more than 550 miles to save this dog’s life.

“I am beat, but it was all worth it! Little Moon AKA flash is snuggled up on a bed in a home he’s not in a cage where his life is in danger anymore so that was worth every minute of this day! He Will never again know fear of wondering if he’s going to die every day.”

And that is a heartwarming rescue. We find angels everywhere.

Interested in adopting Little Moon? Please check with Wolf Mountain Sanctuary. Want to help this organization with more amazing rescues? Donations can be sent here.

(Photos courtesy of Danna Cruzan)

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