Dog trapped and unable to move between two walls for three days

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For three days, a dog remained trapped and unable to move between two walls in Hyderabad, India. In a rescue operation on Wednesday night, rescuers were successful in freeing the pooch trapped in the narrow gap between the walls of two buildings.

According to the Times of India, the poor dog whimpered and cried for help attracting the attention of residents in the neighborhood. Then came the fire department and local disaster response team to help in the two-hour rescue operation along with the assistance of Humane Society International and volunteer and assistant Teja Panneru.

“The stray dog would have died there due to hunger and dehydration,” Panneru stated after the dog was safely out of his walled prison. “It was not possible to break the walls because they were part of the buildings. We had to figure out a way to rescue the dog without breaking the wall.”

And so it was decided to use a rope to “pull out” the pooch, however tying a rope to the dog’s leg was going to be a challenge because of the nearly impossible tight squeeze between the two walls. Panneru was able to push himself into the tight area however and managed to get the rope around the dog’s hind legs. It did take a while, but with persistence and a lot of patience, the dog was finally freed and able to be pulled out.

When freed, the dog was so frightened by his experience, the moment his rescuers untied the ropes on his hind legs, he took off and ran away.

Many thanks to the Disaster Response Force Team,  Pravallika Humane ,Karuna sagar , Apoorva Katpatal , Humane Society International, and the  Safilguda police for helping Panneru in all possible ways in rescuing a dog which got stuck in the narrow walls between two buildings.

Angels do exist.

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