Six-month-old puppy attacked by aggressive dogs

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A six-month-old puppy, named Bailey, was attacked by several dogs while her owner watched. For two days, the puppy’s owner did nothing to help as her wounds became infected and her strength gradually declined. On Saturday morning, Bailey was dropped off at a Texas shelter. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were immediately notified and asked to help. She was rushed to the Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in McAllen, Texas.

“We have learned that the attack happened days ago and she sat bleeding, with no treatment as her wounds began to become infected,” co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacey Silverstein posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “By the time they brought her to the shelter yesterday, she was close to septic shock from lack of treatment and severely anemic from loss of blood.”


Tragically, Bailey is paying the price for her owner’s negligence. The puppy continues to fight for her life and is too weak at this time to undergo surgery needed to repair and close up the deepest bites and abrasions. Bailey has already been administered two blood transfusions.

The bottom video shows  Bailey sitting on the bench in the reception area at the shelter in shock, bleeding out, critically injured and in pain, while her owners stood by, surrendered her and walked away. There are no animal cruelty charges pending.

To help:

Pet Dr 911
‭(956) 683-7387‬
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  1. I would gladly help to rescue this little one. I live in Pennsylvania though. This is beyond my understanding. I can’t believe the owner would let wounds foster like this. Where are the authorities???? I will make a donation towards her care and please keep us updated on if she is available for long distance adoption or foster. She is going to need lots of TLC and understanding. Keep fighting sweet angel.

  2. This is BEYOND STUPIDITY!!! It is an uncaring and Evil Minded individual that SHOULD NEVER have a pet EVER !EVER!EVER! AGAIN… COMPLETE NON- VESTED & have a Cold and ONLY THINKS of THEMSELF!!! If this poor little girl survives I HOPE to the HIGHER POWER SHE GETS A KIND & LOVING HOUME “OUTSIDE OF TEXASSZ”!!

  3. the owner should be charged for the dog abuse have a heavy prison sentence a heavy fine and banned for life in ever having any animals again

  4. If I lived near that maggot bitch of a skank female, who was supposed to care for the dog, I’d beat the shit out of “it” and let “it” sit there and suffer. How fucking stupid can you be to let that happen and then do nothing? I’m sure a vet would have helped or someone would have helped. The skank didn’t even try.

  5. NO CRUELTY CHARGES??????? What are you people down there, you have hearts of stone! Bailey, you have lots of people working for you! Be strong!

  6. What the hell is wrong with the people in Texas? Rhetorical question. I cannot understand how the so called owner just let it happen and did not seem veterinary care instead of dumping her at a shelter. Than God the shelter had compassionate people there. And nothing will happen to get justice for Bailey.

  7. WHY?!?! No animal cruelty charges??? You can see the puppy needed medical help or Bailey would die from the attack. At least the owner should pay for vet expenses. Poor baby, I hope and pray she gets better and into her forever home and is loved on forever and she will never see another time like this in her life.


    Are they at least investigating the POS responsible for this?

    The former human of this dog should either have taken the dog to a vet IMMEDIATELY, or surrendered her to be treated right away!! It’s inexcusable that neither was done, and she could die as a result.

    It’s clear cut neglect and abuse, and the scum belongs in jail. If this one is prosecuted and put where he belongs, perhaps the owner of next Bailey will think twice before he sits by and lets his puppy suffer.

  9. What type of inhumane cretin could allow their puppy to suffer for days and then dump it off at a shelter and just walk away?There must be some type of charges brought against these evil owners. Please keep us up to date on what happens to this innocent pup. What did the owner do when their pup was getting chewed up by other dogs? Evil,disgusting scum.

  10. Make those former owners bleed after an attack and no help with wounds for several days and wait more cuz they’re too weak for surgery!!! Then fine them $10,000 abc help in a rescue center somewhere but NOT where the pup was left!!!

  11. And WHY are there not any cruelty charges pending? You let people get away with this treatment of their pets then it will continue to happen! This poor dog didn’t deserve this and the owners need to be held responsible! Prayers for this baby and thank you AGAIN Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, without you many more dogs in the great state of Texas would be left helpless.

  12. ARE YOU FOR REAL???? NO CHARGES AGAINST OWNER?? UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! They let them get hurt, abused, neglect them, then dump them at a SHELTER with no consequences?????? What the hell’s wrong with this picture? Charges should have brought against these scum and you know it!!!!!!!

  13. First “prison”–next “hell”! Hopefully “hell” will begin in “prison”!
    Better yet–somebody finds him and beats him to death! Then there would be no prison, and this F …… g lunatic could go nonstop to “hell”!

    God bless you, angel Bailey! Love and prayers are with you.

  14. We need the person’s name who allowed this and didn’t fight for her dog and then didn’t get help for this poor dog. That is animal cruelty. What is her name and we will campaign that the police arrest her. This is wrong.

  15. Why is this woman not in prison? They need to release her name and permanently ban her from any contact with animals! She should also be made to pay all medical expenses for that poor puppy!

  16. I’d like to do to the owners what the dogs did to this puppy. They need to be charged with animal abuse and neglect, and the dogs who did this need to be evaluated. The owners should also have to pay every penny of vet bills for this precious pup – both now and for the rest of its life. Prayers for this sweet dog and sharing.

  17. WTF do you mean no charges pending. That bitch needs to be charged and thrown in prison. She also needs to pay for all the treatment.

  18. This owner should be charged for neglect and animal cruelty. She neglected to help her dog after the attack, and that was animal cruelty in my eyes. She should be banned from ever owning another dog.Disgusting pos.

  19. PLEASE SAY that whoever surrendered this poor pup was ARRESTED!!!! This is absolutely horrible and hopefully the person was arrested, ticketed or AT LEAST put on a national registry to NEVER be able to own or live in a home with another pet!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This sorry bitch has the nerve to look at these wounds and think nothing of getting this dog treated. Hopefully soon this scum of the earth will have lacerations all over her body after somebody beats the hell out of her and leave her for dead.


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