Six abandoned puppies saved right off Animal Control truck

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In San Antonio, Texas, another litter of six abandoned puppies arrived at the overcrowded shelter. These lucky little ones were saved “right off the ACO truck late last night,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted on the organization’s social media page.

“We were called immediately to help. After we said YES to the first four puppies, the shelter told us there were two more. We are at full capacity right now but just watch the video and how could we say no. How? Just look at them.”

Right off the ACO truck late last night The 4 puppies in the bottom pic are literally on the truck just arriving to the shelter We were called immediately to helpAfter we said YES to these 4 , the shelter stated , there were 2 more ( the 2 in the video) We are at full capacity right now but just watch the video and how could we say no How ? Just look at them !!!!So now we have 6 puppies , all requiring medical care being rushed this morning to San Antonio for life saving medical care at our Vet Partner Estimated cost for these puppies to treat and medical board for the month will be $5000We are stretched to the max taking in so many critical cases this weekWe absolutely CANNOT do this alone WE NEED HELP !!! Without DONATIONS coming in, we will have to say NO the next time So please HELP US HELP THEM Hit the Donate Button

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

By Wednesday, all  of the puppies were rushed to the rescue’s San Antonio veterinarian partner. Five of the puppies are suspected of having been from the same litter. The little Boxer mix came in at the same time and seemed to have be protecting the smaller puppies as best he could. All of the pups have been severely neglected; obviously having lived outdoors and fending for themselves.

All have sarcoptic mange which is highly contagious and therefore they will be quarantined for at least a month. They also suffer from anemia, malnutrition and tick diseases.


The puppies all have names and have become the “Zodiac Pups.” They are all male and estimated to be only eight-weeks-old. Welcome Aries (top left), Libra (middle left), Capricorn (bottom left), Scorpio (bottom middle), Sagittarius (top right) and Gemini (bottom right.)

Welcome to the world little ones; you are indeed very lucky. From this day, your lives will count.

(Photos and video of six abandoned puppies courtesy of RDRNYC)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Beautiful pups need adopters now or fosters to care for them with the medical issues they have. Give them a chance at a home as soon as they are ready to be adopted. With proper training and guidance, they will be such wonderful pups for any home.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    These are the Lucky Ones this Christmas Season::: so darn cute and hopefully Will be able to GET THE HELL out OF the STATE OF TEXASS!!! where animal’s are treated like fertilizer !!!!


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