Senior three-pound Chihuahua discarded like trash at apartment complex

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A senior three-pound Chihuahua was discarded like trash on Tuesday evening in front of an apartment complex in Dallas, Texas. And there she sat all by herself – just skin wrapped over her bones and nearly frightened to death. She tried as hard as she could to get up, but was unable to walk and just hobbled around in small circles.

And if that hasn’t been heartbreaking enough, this tiny dog appears to have been neglected for a long time and the demodex mange has her scratching and scratching – her coat barely covering her raw skin.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC reached out to help. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization posted more details about Oreo later Tuesday night.

“Does it get any worse than this?  Cruelty to the MAX…  Discard your special needs, crippled old dog in a park like you would a piece of trash!”
Well……… We WONT STAND BY AND ALLOW THIS …. We have named this angel Oreo and she has been picked up and is SAFE WITH US !!!!
Oreo clearly has been neglected for quite some time and needs immediate medical intervention to save her life. She can hardly walk, is hunched over, has no teeth and her eye is bulging out.”

Who can even imagine someone tossing this three-pound dog out by herself? Check out her video:

Oreo spent the night with a foster parent; she was so tired, but felt so safe, she fell fast asleep. She is on her way to the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC supporting veterinarian. Her medical care is expected to be expensive, but isn’t Oreo worth every effort to save and finally enjoy the love she deserves?

Please donate via PayPal for her extensive medical care.

Photos and video of three-pound Chihuahua courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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    • Actually, I filled out an application to adopt her, taking on all of her medical needs and expenses. Two days later I sent a follow up email. I heard back from them today denying my request because I don’t live in one of “their areas”. Even though this angel is in Dallas Texas & I am only about two hours away from Dallas. I asked them to reconsider, but they simply won’t let anyone that does not live in the northeast adopt from them, even if the dog is in your state. They would rather ship the dog hundreds of miles away, than to let anyone outside their targeted states adopt.

      • That’s plain ridiculous ???? She’s already here! AND you’re offering to pay for her vetting?! What more could these ppl want? Wanted to offer to adopt this little baby after they got her started on the road to recovery, then I could take over. But your offer was better than mine and if they denied you, then I don’t stand a chance. Seriously, you’d think they would want to adopt out locally??

  1. The officials who make laws need to be voted out of office..they are not doing their jobs! Strict laws with jail time could help…bring the chain gangs back and the abusers may think twice before hurting another innocent. Hurting animals is the first step to hurting humans.

  2. piece of trash that owned her, same thing should be done to them. poor little dog, I pray she gets well and finds a great forever home.

  3. People really do make me sick sometimes…. how in the world do you set this little senior outside (someone did it….she can’t walk) and then simply walk away? Can you even begin to imagine the fright this baby felt not being able to move, probably hungry, hot…and her body itching so badly? Dear Lord help this baby heal, find a loving home and family to finish off her days… Let her know that not all humans are monsters.

  4. What a sweet looking dog and from the last picture is sound asleep with her rescuers. RDR of NYC will take good care of her and hopefully be placed with a loving foster or family to live out the rest of her life knowing love and comfort. Seeing things like this, many emotions run through all of us when we see this. Why do these things happen in this country? Aren’t we better than to allow all these animals to languish in these conditions? More needs to be done by the USA for the animals that are here. Make spay/neutering mandatory and stiff fines if not done. Breeders must be certified and inspections done to keep their license. Contact your Senator or Congress person to make this a priority as much as they do for those who invade our country illegally.

  5. God help me for saying this but if I ever caught a person that did something like this I’d need a hell of a lot of bail money. And you know what, I wouldn’t give a shit cause I could easily take them out with one center mass shot. They would fucking deserve it. I would do anything in the world to have my senior Little Chihuahua, Gizmo, back with me. He died in my arms at 18+ years old. I would never think of discarding any of my dogs because they got old. Does that make me a better person than the maggots who did this? I think it does because our 4-legged little ones depend on us for their lives. I hope they catch the assholes who did this and I hope somebody takes out street justice on their fuckin rabid ass.

    • I LOVE what you said!!!!!!!!!

      I agree with you 1,000,000,000,000%!!!!!!!

      I would give everything to have my precious little treasure MacKitty back on Earth with me……..

  6. I would love to adopt her. It appears that she may have some of the same issues as my precious little Blinkin. She is special needs as well as her sister & I have an excellent vet. Anyone got any idea how I could get in touch with someone about her?


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