Outrage after polar bear shot by guard during cruise ship excursion

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Social media has erupted into loud outrage after a polar bear was shot and killed by a guard during a Norwegian cruise ship’s guest excursion within the Arctic Circle on Saturday afternoon.

According to NbcWashingtonNews, a polar bear, in his natural habitat, attacked and injured a guard who had been leading tourists off the cruise ship onto Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. Another guard from the German Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ company then shot and killed the bear. Spokespeople for the cruise company stated the bear was killed “in an act of self defense.”

The guard who was attacked did not suffer life threatening injuries and is currently being treated at a nearby hospital. All cruise ships traveling in the region are required to have polar bear guards.

Animal advocates, including comedian Ricky Gervais, have taken to Twitter calling the animal’s killing despicable.

“Let’s get too close to a polar bear in its natural environment and then kill if if it gets too close. Morons,” Gervais posted.

“My point was stay away from the bear in the first place. The human wouldn’t be hurt and the bear wouldn’t be dead,” Gervais followed up on his next Twitter post.

Arctic tourism has been on the rise, and more than 18 cruise ships are expected to be docking at the Svalbard port in the coming week. Advocates continue to express their disgust for humans invading the space where wild animals live and punishing them for our entertainment and food.

Globally polar bear populations continue to decrease. In the United States, their population is also in decline. Pollutants and contaminants, which have been slow to degrade in the environment, bond to the fatty tissues of the polar bears; all of which have caused problems in reproduction, thyroid and the animals’ immune systems. Global warming has also been cited as a reason for the loss of the polar bear population. Sea ice is the natural habitat for the bears and provide the routes for traveling and hunting. As the sea ice melts, the bears are being forced into human populated areas, and we all know what that will mean for their ultimate survival.

Rest in peace polar bear. What a terrible injustice done to you – just for being a wild animal.

(Photo screenshot  Scanpix via AP)

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    I hope more tourists who consider going to these areas where there are polar bears, demand that no one, even tour guides get anywhere near a polar bear. These tour ship guides invade the polar bears “homes” and then blame/kill the polar bear for defending itself against these human invaders. Especially now when it is more difficult for these animals to find enough food, no human should be near these animals so as not to be looked at as food by these huge bears. You can not blame these polar bears for going after anyone or anything that is in their territory. Tour boats and guides should keep all tourists on the boats and watch these animals from a safe distance.

  2. Kelly says:

    Locals need get rifles and fire at the imbecile guards if they are entering polar bear habitat without the bears permission

  3. Bgarabedian says:

    Sick asshole why did kill polar bear he was not harming your hope & pray u get shot & killed worse than polar bear u asshole I pray someone will kill you ASAP u deserve to die bg

  4. Marsha Squibb says:

    I am furious at this story!!!!Humans are in this Bear’s domain not the opposite!! Stop taking people out on the ice to harass these. ,bears,! You got what you deserved mister, hopefully you learned a lesson! RIP beautiful bear..I’m sorry humans let you down ????????????????????????

  5. Fred says:

    And so many people wonder why it is that both my wife & I prefer the company of 4 legged life over most 2 legged life…

  6. Luana Duncan says:

    Poor poor polar bear!!! RIP now my baby bear!! Humans had no right 2 kill u, nor will their be any Justice for ur death! I’m so sorry bear! Run now run in heaven now my sweet polar bear!!!


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