Stolen service dog found

Veteran’s stolen service dog has been found

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A service dog, who was stolen from a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, has been found. According to WTHR News, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Wrigley, has been reunited with his grateful owner, Lana Whitner.

What happened to the service dog?

Wrigley was in the Whitner’s SUV when an opportunistic thief made a move. The vehicle was stolen while Whitner and her husband were filling it with gas at at an Indianapolis truck stop. The couple’s vehicle was eventually recovered, the the service dog, who is trained to detect oncoming seizures and migraine headaches, was nowhere to be found.

Reaching out to the public for help

Wrigley’s owners, and the Indianapolis Police Department, reached out to the public for help in locating the missing two-year-old dog. Lana’s husband, Tim, posted a request on Facebook:

“[S]omeone stole my car while I was filling up at a gas station. Wrigley our dog was in back. Vehicle has been located and Wrigley is missing. Please help this go viral.”

And the posting went viral as he had hoped. Someone in the community spotted a dog that looked like Wrigley and his owners, and the police, went to the area to search. In short order, Wrigley’s nose sniffed out his people and a reunion took place.

The joyous moment was captured on video (view on Twitter here).

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