Pregnant pup intentionally slashed rescued from Texas kill shelter

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There was an urgent call for help on Sunday to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. At a Texas kill shelter, tiny Natasha had curled herself up into a ball in the far corner of the cold, dirty cement floor of her kennel cage. She was in severe pain and shock; someone had slashed her on her back.

“We were told that she would be euthanized if not out of the shelter immediately,” wrote Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, co-founder Stacey Silverstein. “We could not leave her there to die so we rescued her to safety. Natasha is now receiving life saving medical care at our vet partner in San Antonio.”

As most stories of stray dogs are often so vague, the sketchy information stated she had been intentionally slashed on her back causing a deep, ulcerated gash that had been infected thus bleeding and oozing. A police report reporting animal cruelty has been filed, but not enough animal abusers  are ever identified, arrested or punished. And so the cruelty continues.

Natasha remains at the veterinary hospital; her wound is being treated with laser to fight back at the infection. At this point, surgery is not an option since she is pregnant. A sonogram confirms four developing puppies inside of her body.

“We are horrified that anyone would do this – hurt an innocent dog….”


Who wouldn’t be shocked? To donate to this dog’s medical treatment, go to Rescuedogsrocknyc.Org
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Get well soon Natasha.


( Slashed dog rescued from Texas kill shelter photos via Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


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6 replies
  1. Red says:

    I swear I am starting to really dislike people. I do not understand how anyone can be mean or cruel to an animal….. they are a gift for us to love and cherish….they are here to be our companion and security. Why do some people have to be so horrid? May all animal abusers ROT in hell!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Thank you again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. If not for you the dogs of Texas wouldn’t have a chance. Texas is one of the worst places in the United States for animal abuse, A police report is useless, they aren’t going to pursue any abuser.

  3. Marni Montanez says:

    I pray they find the monster who did this and I pray for this sweet baby to be healed and be adopted by some great people.

  4. Melissa Gurley says:

    Sick sick people to do this to this dog you are right not enough abusers are made to pay for what they have done and the police just don’t want to waste their time on an8mal abusers so sad

  5. Pennysdachshunds says:

    I would Vote to Relinquish Texas back to Mexico!!! Trump would Veto it though because it would mean More Fencing!!! HOW CAN THIS CONTINUE TO GET ANY WORSE!!!! THE CORRUPTNESS, AMBIVALENCE, NON-ACTION BY THE ESTEEMED GOVERNOR GREGG ABBOTT IS BEYOND BELIEF!!! He should have a task force of special agents to GET THIS ABUSE< TORTURE , MURDERS< of the Helpless animals under INVESTIGATION!!! Place more Judges, Attorneys, and Special Interest Groups into OPERATIONAL STATUS!!!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    And once again, Texas proves its total lack of providing care for an injured dog – to allow this poor animal to suffer in a filthy basement cage is a perfect example of the mindset of this state – Kill the dog, don’t provide medical attention, just leave her in pain then murder a pregnant dog. Disgusting. And, as usual Rescue Dogs Rock NYC come through and are there for an abused animal. THANK YOU for your caring and stepping up for a dog who would have died in a Texas dump masquerading as a shelter. I hope she recovers and gets the safe loving home she sure never had.


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