Despicable man accused of beating puppy, then raising money through GoFundMe

Puppy dies after beating
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A despicable man is accused of viciously beating his puppy and then setting up a GoFundMe fundraiser for the resulting  veterinary expenses. According to, the German shepherd puppy did not survive the injuries which were allegedly caused by his owner, identified as 24-year-old Reid M. Herjo of Medford.

The 14-week-old puppy, named Atlas, died from the multiple fractures and resulting hemorrhaging that the beating created –  Herjo has claimed that Atlas suffered the horrific injuries because someone on an ATV hit him.

Herjo created a GoFundMe fundraiser which raised over $14,000 for Atlas’ veterinary care – the site was closed the day after the grievously injured puppy died. The puppy’s alleged killer is facing charges for animal cruelty and theft by deception – he is also banned from using GoFundMe in the future.

(Image via GoFundMe)

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  1. I don’t know what to say about this! This is about as low as a human can go! Please put this monster away for life! What that poor puppy suffered and how he bilked innocent people for money is reprehensible! May he go strait to Hell and stay there!

  2. How about making the punishment fit the crime??? This punk had the balls to open a FundMe account for HIS cruelty towards an innocent animal – there should be a lottery so someone could win a date to beat this douchebag to death – I have no problem with it and am sure that other animal lovers would agree. I am so sick and tired of reading these stories about animal cruelty and the subhuman maggots get little to no punishment and get to go on and abuse more animals – they need to pay a steep price – and never do.


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