Meet Joseph: Used by a breeder and then dumped on the streets

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Meet Joseph; he was used by a breeder, and when he was of no value to sire more puppies to be sold at pet stores, he was dumped on the streets of Texas.

“I’ve been in rescue 16 years and I’ve seen it all,” wrote Lana Varian Bass on her social media page as she posted the graphic and heartbreaking photos of Joseph when he was rescued by Tzu Zoo Rescue located in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas on Monday evening.


“This is a breeder dump, plain and simple. One of the worst cases. This dog is 8 years old and he has lived like this his entire life.”

And there was Joseph. His filthy, matted coat hardened by his own fecal matter wrapped around his legs and feet so tightly, his blood circulation stopped; one leg was severed and his other leg had lost its foot.

“That is what cuts off the circulation and it happens when a dog stands in their own waste for a long time in what’s called a ‘Breeder Box’,” Lana wrote.

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Tragically, Lana posted the same story just one year ago, asking readers and those who wanted to go to that breeder or pet store and buy a Christmas puppy.

“This is what you’re leaving behind. You’re leaving behind another Joseph so do me a favor. Sit in your car outside that breeders house or pet store and look at these pictures and then call me to help you rescue a dog,” continued Lana.

Please everyone check out these pictures of Joseph. This is reality.

It wasn’t long before Joseph had been bathed and his rehabilitation began. He will more than likely need a prosthetic leg. Donations are needed to help this innocent little victim of a cruel and heartless breeder.

As he begins to feel better, check out Joseph’s video:

Even as Joseph tries to walk:

“As you can see, Joseph is trying to walk. Our vet believes he may be able to walk fine with one prosthetic leg, but we will know more in the days ahead.

Despite all he’s been through, Joseph is so happy and sweet and just wants a good belly rub! We will make sure he gets all the belly rubs he wants for the rest of his life.,” posted Tzu Zoo Rescue.

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  1. Thank you for rescuing and giving Joseph a chance at a new life. So many are grateful that he was found and taken in and he looks like such a loving,happy dog even with all the pain and torture of being confined in a cage had done to him. I pray that he gets his prosthesis and leads a wonderful life with a loving,caring family and never ever have any pain again.

  2. The depth of man’s cruelty to animals is unfortunately bottomless! Unbelievable how someone could treat a fellow creature as if they have no feelings and no soul. Their soul is by far more humane than the human who cared nothing of what they did to poor, innocent, and loving fur baby boy. Words cannot do justice to this situation!


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