Shelter hopes to see dogs in homes for the holidays

Shelter hopes to see people open their homes to homeless pups for the holidays

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An Ohio animal shelter is hoping that area residents will be willing to open their homes to homeless pups who are waiting to be adopted. The Franklin County Dog Shelter has several volunteer opportunities for animal lovers, but their newest venture, “Holiday Sleepover,” allows homeless dogs to hang out in a real home for the holidays, instead of staying at the shelter.

The details

In the shelter’s Holiday Sleepover handbook, the guidelines are detailed:

Members of the community participating in our Holiday Sleepover Program for Thanksgiving,
Christmas, and/or New Year’s will arrive at the shelter the day before the holiday to find a dog
to host. They will then be responsible for that dog until the dog is returned to the shelter the
day after the holiday. Please note that the dogs will be available on a first come, first served

Why host a dog?

Not only is hosting a shelter pup fun, but it provides the dog a brief respite from the stress of living in the shelter environment. Studies have shown that dogs benefit from time away from an animal shelter – even if it is just a day or two.

Welcoming a shelter dog into your home also provides the pup with much needed socializing and who knows, you just might fall in love and decide to make the sleepover a permanent situation! As reported by ABC News, when Kelly Connelly participated in the sleepover program, she fell in love and decided to adopt her 4-legged guest, Rosie.

Connelly said,

“She was just a perfect fit, cuddled up next to us in bed. We grew on each other, you could tell she was trying to figure us out and we were trying to figure her out. She’s been through a lot, and we are glad that she is ours now.”

Intrigued? Click here to learn more about the shelter’s program and how you can participate.

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