Man who tossed dog off 12-foot bridge charged with animal cruelty

The man who tossed a dog off a 12-foot bridge in Wareham, Massachusetts has been charged with animal cruelty. A  surveillance video went viral when it was shared on Facebook by the Wareham Department of Natural Resources with the following description:

“People ….Please!!!!!! Dogs are not supposed to be tossed off of a bridge and no they don’t “like it.”

“We are aware of who the owner is and the dog is ok.”

The video showed the man dropping the dog off the 12-foot-bridge and then the man jumped into the water himself. In a press release, the Town of Wareham Department of Natural Resources stated Kevin Ouellette, 51, has been charged with animal cruelty by custodian, larceny from a building and a municipal bylaw violation for bridge jumping.

Ouellette maintained the dog, a male Staffordshire terrier “likes it.” The dog was not injured, however the suspect took the dog without the owner’s permission.

Read the first report of this situation here.

You can check out the video here if you missed it.

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  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Man????????? I don’t think so. Male perhaps but even that is up for debate. Do you hear that journalists??? There is absolutely no logical readonly not to refer to a maggot like this by “its” gender – male or female.

    • Gab says:

      The person is a moron, needs to be locked away in a psych ward.. no the dog doesn’t like being thrown you idiot however I would like to throw you..


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