puppy found in garbage bag

Puppy who was kept in garbage bag now living with famous owner

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A young puppy, who was found living in a garbage bag with a carnival worker at a county fair, has been rescued and adopted out to a famous owner. The Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF) alerted its Facebook followers to the rescue effort on August 1.

Where the puppy was found

According to the rescue, the tiny (2 pounds!) puppy was discovered at the Neshoba County Fair – the rescue group wrote, “The puppy was being alternatively kept in a garbage bag or tied with a rope around her neck (too tight), covered in fleas and infected with intestinal parasites.”

A whole new life for this puppy

The puppy was taken to a veterinarian to get cleaned up, vetted and treated for her fleas. She was also provided with quality food and then turned over to foster care with an ARF board member. While in foster care, she met many people who were taken by her irresistible puppy charm, but one family fell head over heels and decided to make her their own…the Manning family, as is NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

ARF wrote:

ADOPTED. She is now a Manning and will live life large with this superstar family. Adopted pets are the best!

Enjoy your new life little one!

Find ARF on Facebook here.

(Image via ARF Facebook page)

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  1. susispot says:

    Well, great, I hope. As we all know, not all football players are good pet owners. I hope the Mannings know there are gazillions of eyes watchdogging them…pun intended.


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