Former lawyer claims he is Jesus - stabbed mom's dog to death

Former lawyer stabbed mom’s dog to death – claims he is Jesus

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A former lawyer allegedly killed his mom’s dog and then told the authorities that he is Jesus. According to WYFF News, the man making the ludicrous claim is identified as 37-year-old Todd Kincannon of Simpsonville.

What happened last week?

Last Thursday, Kincannon’s mother contacted the authorities telling them that she was “absolutely terrified” because her son had killed her dog with his bare hands. Responding officers found a dead and bloodied beagle mix with multiple stab wounds. The man accused of the horrific deed told officers that he was Jesus and explained that the 10-year-old dog had to be sacrificed.

The man’s explanation is documented in the police report which recounts the bizarre statements Kincannon made – he is reported to have said:

 “I know I’m the second coming of Christ and I got a command from God to do it.”


“Every 1,000 years, Jesus needs a sacrifice and blood must be spilt. The last time you saw me, you didn’t recognize me, I’m Jesus, I’m not making it up.”

Kincannon seemed to be preparing his own defense when he stated:

“I have a sign. I’m about to get crucified in the media. The reason I killed the dog is this, it’s real simple, I’m sorry, I think y’all are going to have to take me to the institution, I get that. But I’ll tell you from a legal standpoint you know, it’s in the state Constitution that God is a sovereign and I honestly think he told me to do it.”

What happened next

Kincannon was taken to a hospital for “emergency protective custody.” Before he left his mother’s home he asked officers to ensure that his own dog, Noodle, was safe because he feared that his mom might retaliate.

The accused man’s history

Kincannon’s license to practice law was revoked three years ago. In 2009 he served as the executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party. He used to have a Twitter account but it was shut down because of his vulgar and “offensive” Tweets.

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10 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    A nut case at best, who knows if he is making it up as he goes or truly deranged. Anyway you look at it, his mother needs to be protected. I have never heard that Jesus needed dogs killed as a sacrifice, the Jesus I believe in wouldn’t want that. Not surprising his license was taken away or that he was the executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party and his twitter account was shut down for “vulgar and offensive” tweets. It sounds like he brings no value to the table please keep him locked up. My condolences to his mother at the horrific loss of her poor dog, I can’t image what she is going through. b

  2. Adrienne says:

    Scum is worried about his dog when he kills his mother’s dog? I think when he lost his license to practice law he lost his mind and then his twitter ranting. Didn’t anyone see how insane he was becoming?

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    The REAL Jesus is watching, and HE will take action! In the meantime, hope this psycho experiences HELL on earth!


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