Update: Husky puppy abused in viral video removed from home

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In Dewitt County, Illinois, the The DeWitt County State’s Attorney Office is investigating a video posted on social media that showed a husky puppy allegedly being abused by a woman. The dog could be seen slammed to the ground and yelled at before being repeatedly hit by the owner. 

The woman held the puppy’s muzzle and neck for more than a minute while the frightened pup yelped in pain and fear. The woman struck the dog several times before shoving the defenseless pooch back into a kennel cage.

According to the Dewitt Daily News, the sheriff’s department stated they have completed their investigation and has turned over all the information to the Dewitt County State Attorney’s Office for further action.

 “We want to add that we determined the dog depicted in the video is no longer in the care of the woman depicted in the video. Our investigation has been completed. The evidence has been forwarded to the DeWitt County State’s Attorneys Office for further action,” the sheriff’s office confirmed.

The video has since been deleted, but is still available to be viewed here. (Scroll down the very informative page from a reputable and compassionate training organization) Hopefully this husky also has a happy ending.

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  1. J. Martin says:

    Give this stupid bitch a taste of what she did to that poor puppy. Do the EXACT same thing to her.
    Then toss her ass in jail ….. let her rot there


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