Senior dog howls for family who left him

Senior dog howls for family who surrendered him to busy animal control

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Update: Shadow was put to sleep. Rest in peace.

A senior dog is heartbroken that his family got rid of him, in fact, video taken inside of the busy Carson Animal Services facility in Gardena, California, shows the old dog howling for his people.

The surrendered senior dog

His name is Shadow and he is 11-years-old. Shadow was taken to the animal control agency on May 27 and in the months that have followed, nobody has stepped up to offer him a safe place to stay.

The volunteer-run Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, wrote:

SHADOW is so neglected and now surrendered to the shelter but his heart is huge and now it’s broken. He was brought in minutes before this was taken and you can hear his heartbreaking howl for his family at the end. Whoever had him before did not deserve this sweet soul. Please SHARE for his life, a FOSTER or Adopter would save him now. Thanks!

So much working against this homeless dog

There are many things working against this senior dog…his color (he is black – and suffers from the dreaded “black dog syndrome” which means that he is most likely to be passed by at the shelter by adopters), he is a senior and most adopters are seeking puppies or young dogs, and he is a pit bull, the type of dog that too many people fear.

Is there hope for this dog?

You can lend Shadow a hand by sharing this article to help him find a loving new owner, or a reputable rescue group. Please post to your various social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) to help people see Shadow. Networking is known to save lives!

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
Ask for information about animal ID number A5183134

Video of Shadow

Shadow’s heartbreaking howls can be heard midway through the video.

INTERESTED IN FOSTERING? If you’re in LA, OC, San Bernadino or Riverside County and would like to apply to foster a Carson pup, please visit to complete the online foster application.

More news and updates on the National Animal News Facebook page.

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16 replies
  1. PAMELA D says:

    Any family that surrenders their animal are nothing but low life POS, who should have been surrendered by their family when they were an infant. They are heartless assholes and I wish nothing but the worse for them in their short future.

  2. LESLIE M says:

    He is everything i look for in a pupper…how i wish he was here on Long Island…. please someone help him… seniors are the most special and amazing dogs…you will never be disappointed such incredible little souls..

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    So very sad !!! To be dumped in any shelter in California is really bad… Carson is about a 99% euthanasia sentence and this Boy does not deserve that …What about Frosted Faces I never SEE them Saving animal’s like a Couple years ago Did they quit or just fold…. He could sure use their help!!

  4. ACE says:

    HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO UNKIND! Bless this abandoned one, if you can find a place for him in your home…
    Shame on those that deserted him.

  5. Linda Patton says:

    Heartbreaking! After devoting his life to his humans this is how they repay him, horrific! His cries have tears failing down my face in rivers. How I wish I could go get him! He deserves a life of tenderness, love, compassion… he deserves family, his own soft bed, toys, his special food bowls. Cuddles, tons of cuddles!!! My soul breaks for him…

  6. Bridget Palecek says:

    Up my pledge from $15 to $25 for Shaadow’s rescue to a reputable rescuer. Let’s do this people – let’s get Shadow out of the shelter; he’s been there too long already. Please pledge/share/rescue/adopt this precious dog. ????????

  7. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I have contacted CA Rescues including Frosted Faces. Dreamcatchers has been a new one stepping up. I would love to take this kiddo but am in GA & they don’t allow it, yet. 🙁

  8. Bunny Peters says:

    I am so sorry that Shadow was failed by his family……. I can’t understand how anyone could dump a senior @ a time when they most need love and support….. I just don’t understand these POSs who dump their precious senior treasures……..
    I would give ANYTHING to have my precious little treasure MacKitty alive with me……. He was loved more than words can express……
    Please look for MacKitty in Heaven and he will welcome you into his “snuggle buddies club”!!!!!!!!! May you RIP among his loving friends….


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