Dead dog found in cage

Dead dog found under tarp in a cage

A resident in Cahokia, Illinois, recently made a disturbing discovery right behind his house – according to KMOV News, a dead dog was locked inside of a cage. The resident, Don Dillon, is shaken by what he found in the tree line near his home – he told the news agency, “It’s devastating. I have literally spent hours crying.”

What happened to the dog?

Dillon’s own dog was traumatized by the dog inside of the cage – in fact, it was his own dog’s behavior which led him to investigate what had been left outside. A friend went to see what was under a gray tarp, he recounted, “He lifted up the tarp and said ‘Yep, it’s a dead dog. It’s a black dog,’ and that’s when I just broke down,” adding, “the lack of humanity. The cruelty. It’s criminal.”

Now Dillon fears that someone locked the dog inside of the cage and let him (or her) die there. He said, “Does that mean it was abandoned and this poor thing sat out there and died alone? I’m sorry. It devastates me that someone could do this to an animal.”

The dog’s body will be scanned for a microchip by the local animal control agency.

(screenshot via KMOV news)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Anyone who does this to an animal should be executed immediately. To leave a dog in a cage/prison to die of hunger,thirst, heat is the most cruel and inhumane way to deal with an animal this thing obviously didn’t want anymore. No trial, no jury, just go to execution for these evil cretins that live among us that do this to any animal without any care. I know that would never happen, but would be nice if an “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” prevailed in our justice system.

    • Gail says:

      The problem here is if we did this (which don’t get me wrong I agree with) is that tens of thousands of people will be executed every single day for all the animals on factory farms left to die just like this. And many have an even worst fate which is being tortured by slaughterhouse workers transport truck drivers management those who work on the factory farm prisons, to name a few. And in addition to this anyone who is not vegan is 110% contributing to this torture a mass murders. So with that said and I for an eye I totally agree we need to wipe out half of humanity because they’re not humane.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    OUR VERY OWN SOCIETY has deteriorated to THE VERY point OF the UNITED STATES being NOT ONE IOTA Better than THE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES we OUR VERY SELVES hold in TOTAL CONTEMPT!!!! OUR late couple of generations have spawned NARCISSISTIC EVIL and DEMONIC HEATHENS , While we call other’s Infidel’s and hold them accountable for the VERY ACTS of Torture , Murder, and Deeds No Different than Those we shun!!! Wow !!! I think we as A Nation are BEYOND being able to call ourselves Upstanding and setting an Example for other Countries when we wallow with those Countries in the depths of Hell in the TREATMENT of our COMPANION ANIMAL’s ..I am not a Church going person, But maybe it is time I start. Never in our home would an animal have to worry about Being treated with anything other than love and compassion… We indeed are a SICK and Tortured Nation!!!

  3. Gloria T, Jones says:

    Possibly more public info regarding how to re-home an unwanted pet…NEWS PAPER or TV ADD or WORD of MOUTH or community NOTICE BOARDS, perhaps notes posted PUBLIC SCHOOLS BULLETIN BOARDS! LET’S GIVE THEM A CHANCE FOR A HOME. PERHAPS A BIG BILL BOARD NEAR AN ANIMAL SHELTER, as done locally in areas of Florida!


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