Dog dragged for more than a mile when he fell out of pickup truck

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A dog was dragged for more than a mile on Thursday after he apparently fell out of the back of a pickup truck completely unknown by the driver of the vehicle. Despite Good Samaritan, Jim Horak blowing his horn and yelling as he drove down County Road 95 in Elberta, Alabama, the man driving the truck didn’t stop.

According to Fox11News, Jim spotted the dog running behind the truck and frantically tried to get the driver’s attention. Eventually the driver of the vehicle realized something was wrong, and it was at that time Horak began to video the upsetting experience. When the man stopped, he told Horak he had no idea his dog had jumped or fallen out of the truck and was being dragged for at least a mile behind the vehicle. The trail of blood along County Road 95 was heartbreaking.

“I felt the pain of the dog as I was seeing it, you know what I mean,” Jim Horak stated. “This dog is not going to be able to keep up for very long and at that moment I saw it not being able to keep up. It hit the ground and its arms were being skinned to the bone.”

After the owner of the dog stopped, he picked up his dog and said he was going to take him to a veterinary hospital. Horak turned the video over to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. There were at least two other dogs in the open bed of the truck. In Alabama it is not illegal to have animals in the bed of trucks. It is not known if this will be considered animal cruelty.

The owner of the dog contacted News 5 and said, “the dog was taken immediately to the vet and was like a child to the family.” It is not known if the dog survived.

Come on everyone! Use a kennel and safely secure your pets if you’re going to put them in the back of your pickup trucks. Aren’t their lives worth it? Jim is hoping to do his part to help change the laws so this terrible situation doesn’t happen again.

(Photo of dog dragged via screenshot from video by Jim Horak)

The video can be viewed on Jim Horak’s Facebook page. WARNING: Videos are very disturbing and graphic. They may not be suitable for all viewers.

Click here and refer to videos to view.

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7 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Common sense is not so common…… You can fix lots of things, but you just can’t fix stupid…….

    I feel badly for this poor dog (your humans failed you BIG-TIME)……. hope he is ok & heals……. perhaps he needs a new home???

    We transport our pets (canine, feline & equine) in kennels or special trailers….. “loose animals can easily become projectiles” in a traffic accident….. NOT good!!!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hope those laws change because of this and any animal in a pick up truck must be secured in the back so this never happens again. Hope his dog is ok.

  3. maxiemom says:

    It’s inexcusable to put your dog in the bed of your truck in this day and age! The idiots (read, regressive a******s) who do this are living in the 1940’s and 50’s, when there were fewer people, less pavement, fewer cars, and people didn’t drive nearly as fast.

    WAKE UP!!!! It’s 2018 not 1958, so you need to get your heads out of your a***s and act like it.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    If it isn’t a law it should be. “The dog never jumped out before” is a common excuse but as we see here it only takes one time. I hope the dog was ok, and at least the owner seemed to care. I hope he learned a lesson, but highly doubt it,

  5. Crystal Sellers says:

    “The owner of the dog contacted News 5 and said, “the dog was taken immediately to the vet and was like a child to the family.” It is not known if the dog survived.”

    I call Bullsh!t.. It’s illegal to put kids in the back of trucks, so if the dogs are like family, why are you putting their life at risk?? because you don’t give to flying F’s about the dog.

    Why hasn’t anyone put a stop to this BS?


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