Puppy was surrendered by his family, now he is on death row

Surrendered puppy on death row
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A puppy, just eight months of age, was surrendered by his family and now he is on death row at the Hesperia animal shelter in California. His name is Sarge and his family let him go on July 30.

Why was this puppy given up?

Only those who are family with Sarge’s family situation know the true reason that this puppy was given up. Was it a lack of time? A medical situation? A divorce? Or was someone just not committed to being a dog owner? Nothing really matters at this point except the fact that Sarge was surrendered and now he is at risk of being put down.

Helping Sarge

Sarge didn’t ask to lose his family and he certainly hasn’t asked to be locked away in a lonely kennel run. If he could ask, he would surely request help to get out of his dangerous situation. You can lend Sarge a hand by sharing this article to your various social networking sites. Sarge is just a puppy and he deserves to live out the remainder of his natural life.

Important note! Red Status
Animals marked status red are in imminent need for rescue/adoption and in danger of being euthanized if not picked up by a rescue/adopter.Contact the rescue coordinator during business hours immediately to facilitate pickup if you are interested in a red tagged animal.

Petharbor link for Sarge here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Hesperia Animal Shelter at (760) 947-1700
Ask for information about animal ID number A034490

Email: [email protected]
11011 Santa Fe Ave East, Hesperia, CA 92345

More news and updates on the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. AS always California Shelter’s have their HEADS IN the DEEP DARK CREVICE !!! This 8 month frightened dog deserves someone to love and cherish him. Killing him should be the very last option… NOT THE VERY FIRST!!! BUT NEVER! NEVER ! work with out of STATE RESCUES BECAUSE THE CALIFORNIA ELITEIST’S ONLY THINK ONE WAY !!!

  2. How can an owner bring their 8 month old pup into a shelter knowing it could be killed. Don’t they even think about this dog they so called loved and not could have him killed? Hope this pup is given a second chance and that a foster or adopter rescues him

  3. Why can’t they give him a chance to be adopted? The owner should be on death row! Love and prayers for sweet baby Sarge!

  4. It’s official sports fans – for the most part, I hate most people. But especially maggots that behave like this. They should be exiled so we and our four leggers never have to deal with their shit ever again.

  5. OMG!! Sarge is so beautiful!! And he’s just baby!! Why is he on death row?? WHY??? He just got there an he’s only 8 months old!! Damn u people, from his previous owners 2 the non caring shelter!! Sarge you will b in my prayers!! It makes me feel so sick that u might b euthanized!! Love u Sarge!! And u do matter!!


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