Dogs ‘don’t like it’: Owner tossed his dog off 12-foot bridge

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In Wareham, Massachusetts, authorities are investigating a surveillance video showing a dog tossed off a 12-foot bridge over the weekend. The viral video was shared on Facebook by the Wareham Department of Natural Resources with the following description:

“People ….Please!!!!!! Dogs are not supposed to be tossed off of a bridge and no they don’t “like it.”

“We are aware of who the owner is and the dog is ok.”

The video shows the dog plummeting into the water. The incident occurred on Friday evening at the Onset Avenue bridge which runs over a body of saltwater. After the dog swam to shore, he ran to a nearby restaurant. The area is a popular spot for area residents jumping off the bridge.

Police have expressed their displeasure and are investigating. The owner of the dog has not been publicly identified.

Check out the video:

(Photo and video via Facebook)

People….. Please!!!!! Dogs are not supposed to be tossed off of a bridge and no they don’t “like it.” WarehamDNR will be pursuing this issue as well as the bridge jumping offense of the human that tossed his dog off the bridge in excess of 12’ into the saltwater below. We are aware of who the owner is and the dog is ok. We will update further when we have completed our investigation.UPDATE: CHARGES FILED, see new post.

Posted by Wareham Department of Natural Resources on Saturday, July 28, 2018

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10 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    This guy is nuts, he needs to be prosecuted and put in jail plus never be allowed to have another animal because he doesn’t have the common sense to take care of any living thing!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Identify this asshole publicly – he deserves all the negativity he gets – it is pretty obvious has the concern and brain power of a door stop – maybe a trip off the same 12 foot bridge and see how he likes it. I’m sure there a many people who would volunteer to send him over. He deserves no less.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    Let’s toss him off a bridge (MUCH higher due to his being a bigger person than a dog) & see if he likes it…….

    Probably won’t………

  4. J. Martin says:

    You havn’t publicly ID’d the fucker? WHY NOT??? Let the POS get their just reward from someone near them
    If they get a nice beat down … GOOD. Maybe someone will drag their worthless ass to that bridge and toss them OFF IT

  5. Jo says:

    He threw two pups so he needs to be a lesson—-let’s see, two pups at 12 feet equals 24 feet——so he should be thrown off a 24 foot bridge see his oriented he is afterwards!!! What a stupid asinine airhead!!

  6. Red says:

    DO NOT HIDE THIS PINHEADS identity…. they are a worthless piece of crap who need to be identified, prosecuted and publicly humiliated through social media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the poor dog will find a new, loving home and family.


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