Black bear didn’t like getting stuck in man’s pickup truck

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It happened in Morrison, Colorado when a very unhappy black bear got stuck in a man’s empty Ford pickup truck on Friday night.

According to CNN, the owner of the truck, Jim Bay said his family woke up when they heard the car alarm and horn honking from his truck. Imagine Jim’s surprise, when he first thought he had left the vehicle door open, but stopped short as he spotted quite a large black bear!

None of the windows of the truck had been broken, so it appeared the bear got into the truck by using the handle. When the door closed behind him, the bear became agitated, and as the truck rocked back and forth, the bear was busy destroying the interior of the truck.

“It’s just a mess. I didn’t want to go down there and open the door and let him out myself because I thought I would be bait,” Jim told reporters.

So Jim called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for help. Officers tied a rope to the door handles so they could open the truck doors at a distance, but when that didn’t work, one of the officers opened the door and ran. The bear then ran out of the vehicle and into the forest – where 400 pound bears should be!

Wondering what attracted the bear to enter the truck? Jim said he knows not to keep food in vehicles for obvious reasons, but this time there had been a half stick of gum left and that is what the bear must have sniffed. Summer is the high activity time for bears. Residents and visitors are warned not to leave any food inside vehicles and don’t fill up bird feeders, pet food or garbage out in unsecured receptacles.

On the positive front, Jim is glad the bear was not injured and hopes he’s a “little afraid and maybe he won’t be back because of this but he isn’t hurt which is good.”

(Photos screenshots via CbsNews)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Horrible what happened to his truck, but glad the owner as well as the bear are ok. Even the smell of gum can attract this bear. Hope he can get his truck fixed up. What a mess.


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