Dog found trapped inside cage at ocean edge as tide rose

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In Highlands, New Jersey, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and the Monmouth County SPCA are asking for the public’s help finding the person(s) responsible for trapping a dog inside a cage at the ocean’s edge.

The one-year-old gray and white friendly pit bull had been abandoned in a black wire cage between the beach sandy bulkhead and the water at Veterans Memorial Park. According to the press release by the Prosecutor’s Office,

“At approximately 6:15 AM, a Highlands resident was walking their dog in Veterans Memorial Park on Bay Ave, Highlands when their dog was alerted by something on the water side of the rock bulkhead. As the passerby investigated, they spotted a black wire cage with a small dog cowering inside the cage. The cage was on a small portion of sand between the bulkhead and the water. The tide was coming in and the water had reached the cage. The good Samaritan climbed over the wall and rescued the dog.”

Had the dog not been rescued from the cage, he would have drowned. Many thanks to the woman who rescued this dog. Angels do exist.

Anyone who has any information on who owns this dog or may have witnessed anything please notify the MCPO Animal Cruelty Hot Line 877-898-7297 or notify the Highlands Police Dept. at (732) 872-1224.

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  1. This is my home state and this behavior is inexcusable. I hope they catch the maggot, put the maggot in a cage and let them drown. Fuck ’em.

  2. Thank God for the woman and her dog! I shudder to think how frightened that poor dog was before he was rescued. He definitely has a guardian angel.

    To whoever did this: I hope you’ll enjoy your time in HELL when you get there. I also hope that karma catches up with you ASAP, and that the cops find you soon. It’s too damned bad that there’s no Dexter out there for animal abusers, because THAT’S what you and your ilk deserve.

  3. HUGE THANK YOU to the lady who came to the dog’s rescue – if not for your intervention this beautiful boy would have died – YOU saved a life – and to the hunk of subhuman trash who did this – I truly hope there is someone out there who knows who you are and decides to give you a dose of your own medicine – hogtie your nasty ass, put you in a cage and throw it out into the damn ocean as far as it could go – lets see you try to make it back to shore.

  4. Another Great Samaritan! We are very lucky to have so many angels among us, including the ones with four legs and a tail!


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