Just 6-months-old, puppy is nothing but blood and scabs

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Just 6-months-old, and this is a puppy who is nothing more than blood and scabs. He is malnourished and bleeding from every corner of his body. Is it no surprise that this puppy appears to have given up on life? His tiny body has nearly been destroyed from neglect and abuse.


Dez’ tragic story began months ago, but no one except his negligent owner even knew the puppy existed. When found in Dallas this week roaming the streets, animal control brought him to the shelter. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help after a plea went out for a puppy who deserved better.


“Dez can’t even find comfort in his sleep,” co-founder of the rescue organization, Stacey Silverstein posted on the group’s Facebook page. “Every inch of him pains him. He is very weak and can barely walk. Someone dumped him so carelessly.”

Dez was rushed to the organization’s partner veterinarian where the puppy is fighting for his life. Everything is being done to ease his pain and increase his chances for survival. He remains in critical condition:

“We just received an update from the Emergency Hospital and DEZ is very weak. His glucose level is very low; he’s extremely dehydrated and anemic.  He will need a blood transfusion and IV 24/7. He will remain at the ER Hosp indefinitely as he fights for his life,” Stacey added early Wednesday afternoon.



If he survives, he will need a foster home to help him trust again and heal.


Dallas, Texas

Please apply: Http://rescuedogsrocknyc.org/

(Photos and video of Dez full of blood and scabs courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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11 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how little people think a life matters. Doesn’t mean anything to them. Hang on Dez, there’s people out here that love you!

  2. Marni says:

    That is so heartbreaking. Only a heartless monster could let this happen to this innocent puppy. That person needs to be found, arrested and never be able to be near animals again

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Again, another miserable useless human whose cruelty and neglect of an innocent defenseless puppy puts this little one in severe danger of losing its life. These are the kind of scumbag humans who need to be eliminated from this world. I hope this little guy recovers and gets a safe loving home – only due to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC this puppy is getting medical care – he would have been put down in a heartbeat if left in the Dallas ‘shelter’. Please recover little one – there is a good person out there waiting for you.


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