Star of ‘Outlander’ says United crew made fun of dog’s death in overhead bin

As if the death of a tiny French bulldog being stuffed into an overhead bin on a United Airlines flight wasn’t devastating enough, Scottish actor Grahama McTavish used Twitter on Friday evening to call out United Airlines crew members making jokes about stuffing dogs into overhead bins.

According to People, the Scottish actor tweeted:

“Crew on the NOLA/Chicago leg making jokes about dogs in the overhead, and then plain rude on the delayed Chicago/Vancouver flight.”

McTavish who has made appearances on Starz’s “Outlander said a crew member approached him and said,

“If you want lunch, you’d better get that (tray) table out.”

McTavish didn’t repeat exactly what crew members said about the death of Kokito, but the comments following the tweet just didn’t find the actions of the United crew acceptable nor amusing. Patricia Bacarella tweeted:

“I’m heartbroken for the little pup that died on that overhead bin. He died a cruel death and yet the crew on United are making jokes? How sad, thank you for calling them out …so sorry you had a terrible experience.”

For anyone not familiar with the ten-month-old puppy’s death, a flight attendant forced passenger Catalina Robledo to stow her puppy in an overhead bin. Kokito died during that trip. The attendant claimed she didn’t know there was a dog in the bag, however United has accepted responsibility. One day later, a German shepherd was mistakenly flown to Japan instead of landing in Kansas which had been his destination. On Friday, the airline diverted another flight to Akron, Ohio when a dog in  the cargo hold was mistakenly heading to St. Louis.

United spokesperson Maggie Schmerin  has since confirmed the airline “reached out to our customer to get the facts and will investigate with everyone involved.”

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18 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    Small wonder United has such an abysmal record when it comes to pet deaths on their airlines, and that one of their scumbag employees would be responsible for the death of little Kokito. They obviously don’t take the death of this little angel seriously, which shows a callous disregard for the people who fly with them and most especially their beloved pets.

  2. PAMELA D says:

    If the assholes who work for United Airlines made fun of this poor dog’s death they deserve the worst shit that can happen to them. It is both fault the fault of the bitch who told her owner to stow the dog in the overhead and the owner who listened believing the dog would be safe. This puppy cried for two hours and the owner ignored it???? Is she couldn’t attend to the infant and puppy at the same time why the hell did she bring the puppy with her. This dog died a horrific death and these scumbags made fun of this incident. I hope something happens to the flight attendant and the rest of the crew that thought nothing of this and hope it happens to them.

    • Diane says:

      She should not have had to care for an infant and a puppy at the same time. She paid extra for the dog carrier, and thus the dog should have been guaranteed safety. THE EMPLOYEES OF THE AIRLINE DO NOT HAVE THE BRAINS TO KNOW WHAT CAUSES SUFFOCATION??!! AND HOW TO PREVENT IT.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      From the interviews I have seen I don’t think the adult owner spoke English, her daughter was doing all of the talking. The attendant according to all witnesses was told there was a dog in the bag, this is on the moron attendant. Yes they heard the dog crying, but there was turbulence and they weren’t allowed to unbuckle their seat belts and leave their seats to check on the dog. I don’t blame a mother with two children for not putting up a fuss and getting themselves kicked off the plane, people have been kicked off of planes for much less than this! May be you would want to be stranded in an airport with two children and a puppy, speaking no English, but I’m sure she was as scared as that poor puppy. There was NO excuse for that POS attendant to stow a puppy in an overhead bin, and we all know that! She paid good money to carry that puppy on that plane and for the airline to do what they did is unconscionable!

      • linda says:

        The mom may have felt intimated because of the language barrier, but, you and I would never allowed us to be forced to put the dog in the overhead compartment! Also a dog whimpering should have been a concern among other passengers…I would have fought like hell!!!! I hope United Airlines loses much business!!!!

  3. Darla says:

    It time United sink to the bottom of the ocean with the rude crew members and ignorant asshole fight attendants on board. I will NEVER fly United again, who know maybe they’ll want to store a baby in the overhead next because it cried. I’ll walk before ever boarding that airline.

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    UNITED Reached OUT to the Owner’s to get the Facts!!!! What the Hell IS It GOING to take to GET their HEADS out of THAT DEEP DARK CREVICE ??? That poor little DOG DIED ONE HORRIFIC DEATH due to The UTTER STUPIDITY of YOUR STAFF UNITED!!! GOT IT!!!!!!!

  5. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is total Bullshit. They knew exactly what they were doing and everyone involved need to be punished for this. This is just terrible.

  6. Red says:

    Is that woman fired that made this made stuff their animal in that bid? She LIED saying she did not know there was an animal in there…..everyone else said they could HEAR THAT POOR BABY crying and yelping!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    How insensitive of these crew members to make light of a puppy dying on one of their flights. I don’t for one minute believe the flight attendant didn’t know there was a dog in that bag when she ordered it put in the overhead bin. Even if that were true, she couldn’t hear the barking that all the passengers heard afterward? United employees are looking more and more irresponsible as they continue to disregard the welfare of the pets on their flights, hardly a “joking” matter to the pet owners.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    United Airlines best wake up and start a complete overhaul of the incompetent and lousy staff they have – their cruel and disgusting remarks about a little dog’s death only proves how low this airline has sunk and why animals are not safe anywhere on their planes – apparently customers are treated just as poorly – NO WAY will I ever use United to go anywhere, they have proven to me that they are a 3rd class airline w/3rd class staff.

  9. Bob says:

    She should not have had to care for an infant and a puppy at the same time. She paid extra for the dog carrier, and thus the dog should have been guaranteed safety. THE EMPLOYEES OF THE AIRLINE DO NOT HAVE THE BRAINS TO KNOW WHAT CAUSES SUFFOCATION??!! AND HOW TO PREVENT IT.

  10. Pamela Garlisch says:

    The only way to get anything through United’s head honchos is to hit them where it hurts, in the pocket and a boycott is the only way. Spread the word…..don’t fly United!

  11. Debbie says:

    Utterly disgusting. What vile creatures. They can offer free airfare and I would turn it down!!!! You have multiple employees on this flight and they all display such callous horrible attitudes towards someone’s precious pet!!!!!! You need to purge, United!!!!!!! Or do without business from a lot of people!


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