Man tries to drown a puppy by choking it under faucet of running water

In Madera, California, a puppy is available for adoption after Madera Police officers arrested a man alleged to have choked the puppy and then tried to drown it by holding it under a faucet of running water.

According to the Facebook page of the City of Madera Police Department, on Tuesday evening Nathan Flores was arrested. Investigators stated that Flores had found the abandoned pooch in the Fresno River. He was then seen by neighbors trying to choke and drown the puppy.

“Nathan found a dog in the Fresno River abandoned. Nathan was later seen by neighbors choking the little puppy and holding the puppy under running water from a faucet. The puppy was having trouble breathing as it was trying to cry. We were able to save the puppy and dry him from the cold water,” the post explained.

“Nathan was transported and booked into MCDOC and the dog was placed in the animal shelter. If anyone would like to adopt this beautiful little puppy feel free to contact the animal shelter for information. The phone number of the animal shelter is 559-675-7891. SB3372.”

(Photos via City of Madera Police Department)

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