Man tries to drown a puppy by choking it under faucet of running water

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In Madera, California, a puppy is available for adoption after Madera Police officers arrested a man alleged to have choked the puppy and then tried to drown it by holding it under a faucet of running water.

According to the Facebook page of the City of Madera Police Department, on Tuesday evening Nathan Flores was arrested. Investigators stated that Flores had found the abandoned pooch in the Fresno River. He was then seen by neighbors trying to choke and drown the puppy.

“Nathan found a dog in the Fresno River abandoned. Nathan was later seen by neighbors choking the little puppy and holding the puppy under running water from a faucet. The puppy was having trouble breathing as it was trying to cry. We were able to save the puppy and dry him from the cold water,” the post explained.

“Nathan was transported and booked into MCDOC and the dog was placed in the animal shelter. If anyone would like to adopt this beautiful little puppy feel free to contact the animal shelter for information. The phone number of the animal shelter is 559-675-7891. SB3372.”

(Photos via City of Madera Police Department)

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  1. It may sound strange to write..thank goodness he did it where people saw what this POS did. Makes me wonder was this the first time? I doubt it.

  2. What a beautiful little guy!!! I hope he gets a chance at finding a lovely and pet friendly home and not euthanized at this California Shelter because he isn’t a Designer Dog!!!

  3. Let me choke this ugly Motherfu&ker till he suffocates. I should doubt if this is the first time evil POS that needs to rot with cancer. You ugly asshole. Let me get my hands on your sorry POS ass scumbag.

  4. So little humanity for an innocent baby. Hope the beautiful pup doesn’t get pneumonia. Keep us posted. Get that baby to a good home.

  5. Someone is not right in the head. This is a tiny helpless puppy for God Sakes, first he saves him and then tries to murder him? Does he get pleasure out of seeing a a life suffer and die? How terrifying. This man is a danger, he needs to be removed from our streets, lock him up, throw him on a national registry list and ban him from ever owning or being around any other animal for life!

  6. Another hunk of maggot shit that deserves no mercy – the judicial system, as usual, will do nothing to him and he will be allowed to continue his cruelty to animals – so I truly hope there is some serious street justice awaiting this punk – a drive-by that cripples him for life works, or someone with enough backbone will hogtied him and dump his useless ass in the Pacific Ocean. He deserves any and all of the above.

  7. I hope someone takes this sadistic sub-human to a deserted area in the woods, choke him until almost dead, then hog tie him and thrown this despicable monster in the river. We’ll all be the better for it.

  8. Please deport this shit bag sadistic creep as soon as possible even if he is a legal resident of the U.S. Crimes against animals are mostly luckily found, usually the abuse happens and no one is charged and the animal not saved. Likely this guy has committed before by reading the story, I do feel so. Crimes against animals should be regarded as a offense that can cause deportation. Better yet, jail first. Deliberate cruel behavior is a deeply harming offense at American values and culture norms. We can see no apparent shame or remorse on his face in his photo. He may have stolen this puppy or told someone he wanted to adopt it from a neighborhood litter somewhere. This little puppy is small, young and adorable he should be adopted to a loving home and enjoy a long good life. Please update on what happens to this puppy!


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