Humans failed this dog miserably: Rescue group hopes to restore his faith

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On Thursday afternoon, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC responded to an urgent plea for help from a high kill animal shelter in Texas. Edwin’s humans failed him, and there he was – at the end of the road with no where to turn. Critically injured and left to lie on a dirty shelter concrete floor, who would even want to adopt him?

Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization shared Edwin’s plight on Facebook after posting the following heartbreaking video:

“Scared, alone and not feeling well all because his humans failed him so miserably,” Stacey wrote. “We just cannot sit back, watch this video and not help poor Edwin. He’s got a lot of strikes against him.”

“If you looked at this video and it made you angry, the hate only belongs to his hideous owner who allowed this…”

And indeed Edwin does have a number of strikes against him. Arriving at the organization’s partner emergency veterinarian hospital, Edwin suffers from heart worms, anemia, eurlichia (transmitted by ticks) and is severely emaciated. 

Edwin is the tenth dog in critical condition rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Please click here to donate:…

(Photo and video of dog human failed courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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14-year-old dog has been waiting to be saved in California for nearly a month – learn more here.

Elderly dog at animal control







15 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Why have a dog and let him get this way? Take him to a shelter and say you found him wandering on the road. They will take the dog but at least he wouldn’t have gotten into this condition. Please let us know if he is fostered or adopted and thanks again to RDR of NYC for the tremendous job they do for these animals.

  2. Melissa Gurley says:

    Texas again why is this state so cruel I would not live there if it was the last place on earth I would rather die than be with a bunch of people who abuse animals

  3. Red says:

    Hopefully the POS owner is locked up and awaiting a trial??? Where IT will be fond guilty and locked up indefinitely!??!?!

  4. Marni Montanez says:

    If we could get email addresses, names and addresses and other information, we animal advocates can take over and really get the message across about what it feels like to treat animals like this.

  5. Christine Brown says:

    here we go again bloody Texas high kill shelter these high kill shelters needs to be shut down for good. I hope that he can get help and be saved.
    As Jeanette Fossum said i hope that the same thing happens to his ex owner

  6. MARCIA says:

    You know what I hate? No matter what the case, you people always blame the owner in every case. Even if they had to give up their dog because they had no place to live.

    You are the ones who are abusive. Those of you who work in shelters and animal control who blame the owner no matter what, just to make a tear jerker story so you can get the dog adopted.

    You are being unfair to those who are put in situations which may be out of their control, and sometimes making it appear as if an owner is supposed to choose between a human being (themselves, or family and a roof over their head), or a dog. I’m sure that I speak, not only for myself, but for others too when I say that I have seen this happen to myself, and saw how it was made to look as if I failed my dog, when actually, I had no choice seeing as it was either take care of myself, and have food and shelter, or be stuck out on the streets with the dog. Either way, you peoe seem to be allowed to be abusive towards the owners no matter what.

    In some situations, the owner already feels bad enough because they cannot keep their dog.
    Some people KNOW these owners, and KNOW that they had no other choice. Even a psyche would tell YOU that YOU are NUTS when you twist the truth and blame the owner when they have no other choice.

    You outright lie at times!! And what’s even worse, you don’t help assist the owner with temp homing for their pet. Everybody wants to take everyone else’s pet. When I had Jack, nobody wanted to help watch him till I got a job and a place, but they were very eager to KEEP him!! For good! Of course… He was very well trained, by me. That’s a real owner who cares. The real owners take the time to train their dogs to behave.

    • MARCIA says:

      And by the way, when I had Zoe’ my old Shar pei/lab, she was homes at a shelter, the a boarding kennel because I was at a women’s shelter. I had been in a domestic violence situation with a family member who I will never reveal because it would ruin their life, and they don’t deserve that!
      She was sent to boarding on a red Rover grant! Do you know what that is?? Look it up!! Then, I was physically abused by an idiot boyfriend named Keith, and had to put her somewhere till I figured it what to do because it was vital that I get her to safety! You people make owners look like shit sometimes, and lie just to get a dog adopted. YOU ARE BEING ABUSIVE TO THE PREVIOUS OWNERS WHEN YOU DO THAT!!

  7. MARCIA says:

    What are you people gonna do when you post a lie of a story about someone’s dog which they love and care about, and people who know that owner see that post, and confront t the previous owner, or even worse beat them up because of your lies??!!!

  8. MARCIA says:

    I have seen first-hand how this is done to previous owners at times. Just to get the dog adopted. But what happens when you live in a small town, is it makes the previous owner look like shit when they had no other choice.

    You choose between your child and a dog!! You choose between your infant and a dog. Which are you going to pick? The dog? I think not!
    But some people are foolish enough to believe that when they get an answer like that because they keep taking off fooling around with another woman and you’re tired of their crap and you say that to them when they ask “who would you pick? Me, or the dog?” Well, my dog was home while you were out screwing around J.

  9. Debbie says:

    I hope whoever owned this dog is sitting in a jail cell. But I am sure they won’t be. No one seems to realize what a crime this is!!!!!!!! Animal abuse and torture is overlooked and under prosecuted. So it will carry on and continue to grow until proper prosecution and sentencing are practiced. Make your elected officials accountable!!!!

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Don’t know the reason Edwin was dumped at a so called ‘shelter’ in the nasty state of Texas BUT I do know this frigging lousy example of a ‘shelter’ did nothing to alleviate him of the horrific state he was in – par for the course with this crap state – their shelters are nothing more than holding cells until they can inhumanely kill animals. High Kill means ASAP – no pain meds, no treatment, nothing – just leave him there to suffer in a filthy dump that in no way resembles anything humane. If not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Edwin would have been left to die a painful miserable death – Thanks Texas you live up to your vile reputation for treating animals like disposable objects – so typical of a state that has the animal welfare laws of a third world country.


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