Puppy loses eye after children hit her with rocks

Puppy loses eye after children allegedly pelted her with rocks

A darling puppy, not quite eight weeks of age, was severely injured when kids in a neighborhood allegedly pelted her with rocks. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to hurt an innocent puppy, much less children, but this cruel abuse allegedly took place this week reports the Haley Graves Foundation in North Carolina.

On Friday, the Foundation wrote:

On our way to pick up this baby. Finder says neighborhood kids were pummeling her with rocks. I just can’t…She is 7.5 weeks old. And so sweet. Will be rushing her to Benessere Animal Hospital

People who saw the photo of the puppy’s horrible injury are rightfully outraged – on Saturday morning, the Foundation updated concerned followers with the status of the cruelty case/investigation:

We understand this is frustrating and angers each of you, we feel this same frustration and anger.

Please understand we do not have an address of where the incident took place and legally we could not release that if we did. We have spoke with the authorities and have requested an investigation be opened. Not only for Tali but out of concern for other animals that may be on the property. We are confident this is happening. We kindly ask that at this time we turn our focus to Tali and allow the authorities to investigate.

The puppy, dubbed Tali, underwent surgery to remove her badly damaged eye on Friday – fortunately no signs of head trauma were discovered.

Puppy loses eye after children pelted her with rocks

Follow Tali’s recuperation on Facebook at this link to the Haley Graves Foundation NC.

(Images via Facebook)

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14 replies
  1. Shawna K Turner says:

    It is just terrible, for kids to be that cruel mtey must have learned that from home. Punish the parents if you find them and the kids might learn there are consequences. But now days nobody cares about anything anymore.

  2. Red says:

    You know what??? If ADULTS do not realize all the hate, racial crap and disrespect for police doesn’t come to a HALT…. we are only going to have nothing but monsters being raised. There are more horrible abuse stories about CHILDREN inflicting pain than I have ever seen. WAKE UP PEOPLE….. you CAN NOT CONSTANTLY spew hate and not think kids are not listening.
    Prayers for sweet little Tali…. she is the one suffering now due to some little monsters finding “fun” in inflicting pain on an innocent, defenseless puppy.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Well stated, you hit the nail on the head, Children mirror the actions and things they see and hear at home. It’s beyond distressing to see children do this to an innocent puppy!

  3. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Put these monstrous children in a secure psychiatric facility for the rest of their horrid lives! They are an extreme danger to other living beings!

  4. joey says:

    When we were kids all we did is play hockey , football, soccer ect , and we would have pounded these little bastards badly .

  5. Adrienne says:

    Children did this. What monsters with so much hate and anger inside of them to do this to a small,friendly puppy? Hope they are found and appropriate punishment is given.These kids have no feels or are dull to the pain they inflicted on this dog. Mentally unbalanced children already doing horrible things.Where are their parents?

  6. Theresa says:

    Fucking little scum bags their parents probably fucking scum bags to and I’m sure they won’t get no jail time a slap on the wrist

  7. J. Martin says:

    EVIL little monsters!!!! I don’t give a FUCK how old these vile shits are. Pelt them with rocks .. BIG ONES; Right upside their heads.

  8. Marni Montanez says:

    Little monsters growing up to be big monsters. this is so frustrating. Where are the parents when this is happening? What kind of brats are these?????????????

  9. pennysdachshunds says:

    HOW LONG before THESE DEMONIC SPAWN of EVIL PEOPLE START torturing , maiming, and butchering other children, possibly babies and elders in their COMMUNITY>>> THIS is a criminal group of ” little heathens”… they and their parents need to be held accountable and there needs to be some sort of continuous monitoring of the movements, behavioral and associates these putrid kids are maintaining..



  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    It is pretty apparent that these vile offspring were never taught one iota of kindness by some ghetto rat parents or whatever they are the spawn of – and of course, this puppy suffered because this country is way too soft on animal abusers of all ages. These punks need to be sitting in court getting the piss scared out of them by a judge who will not tolerate abuse of those with no voice. And this being North Carolina I bet little to nothing is done to find and prosecute these mini cretins. Their names and addresses should be made public – let their miserable excuses for parents feel the wrath of the citizens who want justice for Tali – Legal BS – don’t care one bit how old these vile excuses for children are – they deserve to feel the anger of people who care about animals.


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