Dumped dog fights to survive

Dog fights to survive after woman caught dumping her on road

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A dog is fighting to survive after someone took a video of a woman who was dumping her on a road. The dog, an eight-month-old mixed breed puppy, can be seen in a witness’ video, being carried by a woman, back to the bed of a truck after the alleged “dumping” incident.

The woman tosses the motionless puppy into the bed of the truck while the witness berates her for dumping the dog. The person who was carrying the dog mentions that the pup is dying of parvo – which incites both witnesses in the video even more. One of the witnesses can be heard yelling at the accused dog dumper about making other animals sick if she abandons the ailing puppy on the road.

Dumped dog motionless in truck

All the while, the black and white pup has her eyes wide open and remains motionless in the bed of the truck. The witnesses tell the woman where the animal control agency is and the woman apparently leaves. According to the Texas based rescue group, Chip N Snip, the puppy was abandoned by the same woman again – this time, the puppy was picked up and taken to a veterinarian for help.

Current status of the young dog who was dumped

Now, the puppy dubbed Republic, is fighting to survive. According to Chip N Snip, Republic’s tests for Parvo are pending, and she is deathly ill. In a 7:30 a.m. update on Friday, information about her condition was relayed to Facebook fans who are following the situation:

Update 7:30 a.m:

Republic is very sick girl. The doctors called many times last night worried about her. She was very close to being septic. She began vomiting clear liquid and almost coded. She had to receive plasma last night and is on IV medications.
She is getting the very best care and is holding her own.
Thank you for the outpouring of support for Republic.

According to the rescue group, the police have been informed about this situation. Follow Republic’s fight to survive at this link to Chip N Snip on Facebook.

(Video of the dumping incident can be viewed on the rescue group’s Facebook page)

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page

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15 replies
  1. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope you find who is responsible for this and make her pay for all the medical bills that are accruing. She also deserves to be thrown in Prison.

    • Gizmos Mommy says:

      That female maggot deserves to be split down the middle and left on the side of a road where 18 wheelers are known to travel.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Please look for the person that abandoned this pup, she is out there and you need to arrest her now!

  3. Marni Montanez says:

    Has the person been arrested yet? She lies and says how sorry she is and then heartlessly abandons this sick puppy. Oh my gosh what kind of monster is she???????????????? I’m so glad these good samaritans did something about it. I wish they would have followed her to the shelter.

  4. Ek says:

    Shame there was not one person from the first group of people who as well as justly were shouting at this imbecile, PHYSICALLY rescued the dog taking the pooch for more immediate help.. time was important.. then if No one could physically under citizens arrest detain her, photos of her and vehicle and license plate.. and who knows where dhe actically had any more innocent lives at home

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    No way would this bitch have walked away with that dog if I was there – her and I would have had a full fisticuffs right then and there. Its pretty obvious that yelling at her did absolutely nothing to help this dog – someone should have just taken this poor dog from her – O man, she was allowed to leave with the dog so she could dump her somewhere else. Republic is a very sick girl and if someone knows who this miserable excuse for a woman is, turn her filthy ass in – she needs to be held responsible for her cruelty.

  6. PAMELA D says:

    If this witness saw all this then why the hell they didn’t take the dog from the POS. Cold hearted low life scumbag can literally throw a dog in the back of the truck. I wish this POS parents did this to them the day this asshole was born. I hope they slowly rot with cancer right now.


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