Chinese school kids torturing dog in graphic video sparks online outrage

Authorities in eastern China are looking for at least two school children seen in a graphic video circulating online showing a dog being tortured to death. The incident occurred in Xuzhou on Thursday night. The children appear to be teenagers, but at least one of them is younger.

According to the South China Morning Post, the heartless kids are shown repeatedly beating and kicking a small black dog while the defenseless pup cries out in terror and pain. The horrific torture continues as one of them pours oil on the dog and sets it on fire.

“We’ll stamp you out … crush you … torture you to death,” the kids repeatedly yell in the two-minute video.

The 13th Middle School of Xuzhou City has confirmed the children seen in the video are students at the school and have since expressed their regret for the situation and state they also have launched an investigation.

China has no laws to prevent animal cruelty, and the growing online rage seems to be a significant signal to the government something has to be done to address the egregious problem.

“Regardless of if you love dogs or not, torturing animals is cruel. These kind of students are cold blooded animals,” one person wrote on social media.

(Photo of authorities searching for school kids involved in graphic video showing torture of dog via SCMP screenshot)

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16 replies
  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    What the “F” is wrong with these Chinese people and they’re F-ing kids????? Something SO wrong with these people! No human or animal rights into this horrible country!!!! Despicable people!!!!!

  2. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope those little Bastards get Do I d and get their assets beaten all the way to Prison. If there is no repercussion for this now they will just continue and it will escalate.

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    That’s China for you, just a bunch pond scum that don’t believe in any rights for any living soul. They need to meet their maker soon. RIP pup, you did nothing to deserve that.

  4. Kat says:

    Someone needs to beat and kick those a–holes till they cry out in pain then dump oil on them and set them on fire! If the punishment is the same as the crime then maybe “humans” will think twice about what they do! RIP in little dog!

  5. Marni Montanez says:

    who in the world do we send our email of outrage. we need to keep this outrage going until they actually do something with their laws. Teens do that here in the Us also, but we have laws that put them in jail. Would these kids go to jail? I hope so. China, it’s time………………

  6. Adrienne says:

    Make their punishment the same they gave to this poor defenseless small dog. RIP dog and know you are in a better place than trying to live in China.



  8. Mary Ann Clark says:

    These sadistic, homicidal, psychopathic creatures need either life imprisonment or a death sentence! They are past the point where they can be reformed!

  9. J. Martin says:

    Don’t give a FUCK how old these little shit stains are. They need to DIE … so do their parents and a good portion of the other vile assholes who live in that country!!! God knows there is a vast majority of the people in that region of the world that are sick, demented EVIL heartless PRICKS.

  10. Chris Evans says:

    These Fucking people are really getting on my tits now they are such arseholes the punishment should be the same to these little BASTARD This is is one reason why people from other Nations call them by other names WTF is wrong with them are they brain dead shoukd be out down for this the little shits

  11. Red says:

    Find these little juvenile punks and lock their sorry butts up for several years…… if they are this heartless, they will soon hurt a human.

  12. Nancy Raymond says:

    Its time China grow a conscience and some humanity towards those who have no voice – to allow these fucking punks to treat an innocent animal like trash only shows the mindset of this nation. This little dog was a victim of kids who were not taught kindness in anyway, shape or form – they are nothing but wastes of space and I am sure Chinese authorities will do nothing to punish them – so I do hope every single one of them has a fatal encounter with an 18 wheeler and are left as nothing more than grease stains on the road.


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