Foal trapped upside down between boulders rescued

In a bizarre incident, a foal managed to get stuck between boulders with his head stuck in a crevice and his legs upside down stretched into the air. The incident occurred in Aktau, Kazakhstan [ located on the east bank of the Caspian Sea] and the video of the daring rescue was published by the news.

The video begins with the young horse groaning as he lies helpless in his upside down position. His rescuers tie ropes around one of the boulders and use an SUV to pull the huge rock. One of the men then pushes the rock until it tumlbes away. In moments the foal rolls over onto his feet and although he seems a bit wobbly, shakes himself off and walks away.

It is not known if the young horse suffered any injuries, but nonetheless, isn’t it amazing he survived and rescuers were there to help?

(Photo and video via news)

Watch this amazing video:

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