Heartbreaking: Dog’s loving look to her owner seconds before being surrendered

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In a heartbreaking ten second video at an overcrowded Texas animal shelter in Paris, a dog’s loving glances towards her owner barely evokes any reaction. The dog stands as close to her owner  as she can looking for comfort, but the woman offers no kind gesture towards her loyal dog or the puppies surrendered on Monday afternoon.



All she says is

“I know you’re hurting.”


Posted by Leslie Hennings on Monday, August 20, 2018

The mother dog has a painful bleeding mass under her arm. Three of her puppies have died and one is missing.

A Facebook page can be followed here. A shelter volunteer offers the following information:

“Mama and her 3 puppies just OSR [Owner surrenedered] to the #ParisTxShelter! Puppies are 5 weeks old. Owner stated that she could not afford medical care. There is a huge mass on her chest. She is bleeding. She has surrendered several dogs before. There were 7 puppies but she only brought in 3. 3 died and she can’t find the other one. Another couple came in to surrender two puppies while she was here and owner tried to take them!  Mom and puppies need help ASAP.”


Please share this heartbreaking situation with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Donations are currently being pledged for rescue Sharing saves lives. Won’t you take a moment and send this to a friend? An additional link to this dog’s story can be followed here.

Email Humaneassoclc@gmail.com if you can help.

(Photos and video of loving glances by dog courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas)

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20 replies
  1. Deborah Dearmore says:

    Please someone please save this poor baby and her babies before they are pts. They don’t deserve to die. It is not their fault that they are in that godforsaken place. I hope and pray a rescue or adopters or even foster family will see it in their hearts to give these babies and mother a chance at a life.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    What is this POS doing? She has NO business even having dogs near her. If she can’t afford to take care of them and dumps them as soon as there is a problem then SHE is the problem. And how does one lose a puppy? I pray for this poor dog and her puppies and hope and pray the worthless piece of humanity that turned them into the shelter never gets another dog!

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    That SOS is NOT a woman. It’s a rabid, savage, maggot, skank whore. I’d like to beat the shit out of that skank but I probably get a disease if I came in contact with it. And it’s probably old enough to vote and procreate and therein lies the problem – it’s going to breed more of its own ilk.

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    WTF is wrong with that ASSHOLE BITCH?? She needs to go into those fucking cages and stay there for a long time!!!! She does NOT even deserve to breathe air again. I hope the HELL that Shelter posts that she should NOT ever be given another animal since all she does is get rid of them!!!! Bitch needs to be PUNISHED!!!

  5. Linda Novak says:

    WHY is she not being reported as being a dumper at the shelter if they’re aware she’s done this BEFORE!?!? How does someone “LOSE” a puppy!? Poor Mama dog, she & her babies just want to be loved, safe & cared for. They deserve so much better than that woman. How can someone so uncaring want or own a pet? All I can do is share this sweet girl & her babies. Wish I could do more. This woman needs to be fined.

  6. Adrienne says:

    This vile creature has turned in other dogs before and probably used the same excuse that she can’t afford the care. Well, she needs to be on a Do Not Adopt List that all shelters in the area see so this doesn’t happen again. Beautiful dog even with her injuries. Her pups also are adorable and they will get taken as soon as they are weaned from her I suspect. Mama dog needs to be spayed and adopted into a real loving home, not this fake owner she had. Just look at the way she looks at her owner with love in her eyes, and no response, not even a head pat. Extremely sad what is happening in our country towards animals. Foreign countries are just as bad and their laws are very lax and abusers get away free many times.

  7. maxiemom says:

    Heartbreaking! Someone, please rescue this mother and her puppies! They’re beautiful and deserve so much better than the terrible hand fate dealt them when they ended up with that piece of trash!

    Sounds like yet one more irresponsible backyard breeder or puppy miller. I hope the b***h rots in Hell.

    It’s scum like her that makes me wish there was a Dexter out there for animal abusers.

  8. ACE says:

    While i understand the outraged comments. What can we DO! We need someone to step up and take charge, if they need donations let us cough up, some dough to save this Momma and her babies. I have a dog and four cats at home-all taken in off the streets. I feed 11 others in 3 different locations-miles apart. I cant take on any more responsibility. But I want to help this doggie and her babies. We need action not just anger.

  9. Melissa Gurley says:

    I agree with Ace what can we do to help this beautiful mama and her babies please let us know she doesn’t deserve to die and for God’s sake do not let this woman adopt another animal doesn’t anyone check these people out she will just break another dogs heart

  10. Diana Rowell says:

    Pray this heartless sub-human maggot bitch is abandoned on the street when she’s too old and feeble to do anything about it. Then pray she starves to death while dealing with terminal cancer!

  11. Meow Ma says:

    Did the shelter fine her and put her on the DNA list? Was she allowed to take the other puppies from the other owner surrender? I sure hope they sent a Cruelty Investigator to her home and found something more to charge her with! She needs to have some serious consequences!


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